Nokia 6125 clamshell announced

16 Jan, 2006
Nokia today expanded its mid-range portfolio with the quad-band Nokia 6125 phone. The stylish clamshell offers wide range of features at an affordable price - 1.3 megapixel camera, EDGE...

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  • Ran
  • M{3
  • 08 Jun 2006

I want this phone!!! But how much does it cost in UAE Dirhams?
Well I cant wwait for it's release!!!

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    • Anonymous
    • jc1
    • 31 Jan 2006

    1.3 megapixels for a camera is good enough. If you want to take a quality picture, go for a digtal cam. This phone sounds cool. A few more features and it would be almost comparable to a smart phone such as the pda phones out there. The hefty price tag seems a little bit over the top though. Sounds like they are marketing it to the well-to-do's. A feature-packed phone in a relatively small package is a techie's dream!

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      • Genesis
      • mr%
      • 31 Jan 2006


      I dont like nokia that much, but 1.3 Mp and just € 230 is a nice price, i reckon giving it the 2 Mp, would increase the price of this phone, and decrease the price of high end camera phones.

      It's an "ok" phone for the price it costs.

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        • navtej
        • PVs
        • 31 Jan 2006

        seemingly a decent phone but 1.3mega pixel makes it a bit passe!!!

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          • Manoj
          • P$5
          • 25 Jan 2006

          sounds like cool. Is n't it? Almost all features are included. I'm waiting to grab this as early as possible