Xiaomi Mi 5 listed on online retailer's website with full specs

15 December, 2015
The flagship offer will be equipped with a 5.5 inch QHD display and a Snapdragon 820 SoC.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-476740, 15 Dec 2015I have been waiting for dis device...bt after getting d price li... moreyes.. l would rather get a better brand

  • AnonD-476740

I have been waiting for dis device...bt after getting d price list I become confused.......y shod I buy Chinese device with dat price.....its illogical......

  • AnonD-45702

Why did you have to go into the 5.5" space? The only reason I was looking forward to this was because I hoped it would be a 5.2"

  • AnonD-172362

Raziel, 15 Dec 2015I stopped reading at 16GB .... FAIL... Pity.. as the next info was ...64GB and 128GB.

  • Anonymous

This will be the best phone EVER!

  • xfan

NOOO IT"s too expensive!!

  • Raziel

I stopped reading at 16GB .... FAIL...

  • Anonymous

USD599? wow quite a big jump compare to Mi 4i (32GB) which is USD200

looking at xiaomi's previous track records on pricing.... xiaomi mi4 was priced less than samsung's then 2 year old flagship (galaxy s4)..... with that tym's latest processor.
and by feb galaxy s6 will definitely hit the 30k mark in india(now 34k) and galaxy s5 wud be the 2 year old flagship which wud obviously go down to 18-19k atleast so pricing is very tricky his tym and if they do launch mi5 cheaper den s5, people (including me) will lose their minds....

but then again xiaomi has couple of huge advantages this tym....
*its better established now compared to last year
*got a huge fan base
*mi5 is practically gonna be the first device to launch with snapdragon flagship which wasnt the case last year
*got a huge developer community support now

so i think they will try to break their signature pricing barrier but again anything above 25 and most people will turn to galaxy s6, lg g4 etc which will still be very very powerful for the tym.

Everything is just great and the price too. If this comes out first, it would be the first SD 820 smartphone into the market. But, UI is the dealbreaker for me, just can't live with it. Include the option to unlock and also release a GPE model, this would be a great hit in 2016

  • AnonD-404130

AnonD-405646, 15 Dec 2015Hooh MI5 would be no physical buttons, and will resemble samsung... moredon't trust chinese text. let it out first and get the info from users.

  • pmo27

This one must be fake rumor. Qualcomm already announced Snapdragon 820 only come with quad-core.

  • Kuba

Mi5 won't have 5,5" screen because this size is reserved for Mi Note. 5,2-5,3" seems to be more likely. The same price - I'm sure that will be less than 599$

Fake obviously ;)

  • AnonD-115981

Thanks for giving me credit Gsmarena. :-) but you guys missed 2 points. 1st one is it will have glass back confirming the previous leaks and 2nd the front facing camera will have bigger 2úm pixel size

  • leecher

I would wait for other phones sony, lg, oppo and letv cause except the 820 chip i dont see anything special about the mi5. Of course the price is ok maybe but again thats all.

  • shyam

it is fake because snapdragon 820 is a quad-core not octa-core

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  • optional

$599 for 128gb!?

  • AnonD-277459

5.2" is enough considering previous mi phones
why don't everyone just remove the 16 gb version
Its outdated now .

  • AnonD-473589

If that price is going to stand I´m going to look elsewhere.