Microsoft suspends Lumia 950 update, due to bugs

15 December, 2015
The update was the first one to bypass carrier testing, but installation issues forced the Windows 10 Mobile team to take it down.

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  • akash

I bought lumia 950 update shown on my phone 10586.29 i not installed but after showing update download not possible,bettry drains very quikly and heating problems...when will new update will GUJARAT INDIA

  • Anonymous

I've had Lumia 520, 630, 635, 820, 822, 920, 930 and 1020, not because they have failed or are poor devices (they are still functioning and serving other people well) but to see how the windows experience differs among devices. I have my Lumia 950XL for 4 days now and only one instance of a loading screen that I had to restart the phone (start screen had loading on it and didn't bring up live tiles). Otherwise, it's running the update 10.0.1056.29 without problems and for those curious about overheating......there is no issue what so ever. It gets a little warm when running heavy apps or gaming for long periods of time but it's not unbearable nor that hot that it would burn you. It is even cooler than my Lumia 930. The windows hello is just awesome. Unlocks even in total darkness. Train it three times and look directly into the red light and it will unlock flawlessly. It even unlocked twice under two seconds. Made me wonder if it really scanned my iris :p. It might still be in beta but I can assure you, once it's complete, it's a winner!

My suggestion to those having and update all your apps first. Don't force it to do system update and apps at the same time. That's probably what's messing it up. Not because the processors are high end, it doesn't mean you should pile on everything at once. Help it through a process and trust me, it will treat you well. I did the 39 downloads...well 28, and then the system update with no bugs, no hitches and no random restarts. It's an awesome phone, don't bash before you try it. Will definitely update as time goes on. Oh.......and for the selfie kings and are incredible (expect nothing less from a Lumia).

  • bunny

I own lumia 950. Till now i havent faced any problem except heating while charging and error downloding English US speech. Non of the app ever crashed. Yep! Missing with double tap to wake up! Hello beta! Works awesome and fast charge feature is great!
I've heard people discussing the poor features of windows phone. I guess they are wrong, i am following windows phone from windows 7.8 (nokia lumia 610) then i bought lumia 720 (window 8) because 610 could not be updated to 8. Now i have 950. And i have been through every update they released. And the progress is awesome.

If we talk about android and ios they keepe their base same and change their UI to fool people. Where as in windows they change their whole settings to bring with something new.

Windows 10 redstone awaited...

  • vmrsba

It's weird, I have 10586.29 build running ok in my 925 and 535 Lumias

  • mm

Does anyone have issues on the 950 with some apps such as ebay and flightradar24. The apps do not render pages correctly (black screen) if you choose to run the 950 with (in Display settings) the option to increase size of text option. The slider moves between recommended 400% to 450%. This is not the same setting as 'text scaling' option in ease of access menu.

  • Tommo

lewein, 15 Dec 2015Nobody likes you. Be gone Troll.Like it or not, he is correct

  • Win fan

Build build build and more builds.

  • Indian

Windows 8.1 Awesome.......Even Windows 8 Preview Not Have Many Bugs Like This..... Windows 10 Preview Have Many Bugs And Missing Some Features......... Microsoft Already Take Long Time To Give Windows 10 To Lumia Phones........ That's The Reason Many Users Back To Android.

  • AnonD-476775

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015This one is easy: just stay away from Windows. What possible rea... moreBecause it is the best OS. Prettier and better organized tiles and icons, more efficient, more stable on low-end phones, etc.

  • Anonymous

This one is easy: just stay away from Windows. What possible reasons could anyone have for wanting a Windows phone when there are real phones out there to be had? See? Right.

  • briff

All my Android updates actually made something broken (Samsung phone lost wifi with certain router settings, Sony phone started to create hundreds megabytes thumbnail files from 20MB of images). Wish they had pulled back those.

lewein, 15 Dec 2015Nobody likes you. Be gone Troll.I'm not a troll. I switched to Android twice from Windows Phone and had huge issues with it. I'm using my first iPhone for a couple of months now and I'm happy with it. I was giving a recommendation based on how much closer WP is to iOS than Android.

I have been in Windows insider preview program for almost a year now. Considering the bugs we had to go through in the earlier preview updates, this is nothing. The problem here was MS didn't test the update on insider preview for 950 or 950xl and directly send the update. The problem occurred on some devices that had pending app updates. Anyway this is the first test update by MS bypassing carrier testing. So it is a good step towards getting DIRECT UPDATES FROM MICROSOFT without any carrier restrictions. Google should try the same with Android. Even Android One didn't go that well.

  • AnonD-411799

AnonD-340276, 15 Dec 2015I dont care about your nexus device bec thats only limited on se... morewhat device you had.? android one? lol. buy low cost devices and blame it on the os.

  • AnonD-340276

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015My Android Nexus 6p gets security updates every month.I dont care about your nexus device bec thats only limited on several countries... say that when majority of countires even aware of that phone.

Optimist Prime, 15 Dec 2015Switch to iOS, Android is almost unbearable coming from Windows Phone.Nobody likes you. Be gone Troll.

  • AnonD-7455

Updated both of my 950s without any issues.

  • AnonD-82281

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2015My Android Nexus 6p gets security updates every month.That's because it's a Nexus, troll. Obviously he's talking about the 99% of Android devices which aren't updated directly from Google.

The only issue I'd like to see addressed is the battery. It has the oomph and should last much longer than a day and a half.

Angry with MS, 15 Dec 2015These kind of things can happen. What is really alarming is the ... moreSwitch to iOS, Android is almost unbearable coming from Windows Phone.

  • kyleo92

Not a deal breaker seeing as it was only a minor update. Not like it's missing out on any new features or was a major bug fixer.