HTC One X9 now stars in live photo shoot

16 December, 2015
After having already seen the upcoming smartphone in renders, we're treated to some real-life images.

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  • aditya
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  • 26 Dec 2015

Simon, 21 Dec 2015Now that is an ugly one.. :(Ugly?? How in gods name can u call that ugly!

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    • Simon
    • gDc
    • 21 Dec 2015

    Now that is an ugly one.. :(

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      • forgetit
      • tue
      • 18 Dec 2015

      For get it HTC... jumping boat to LG with snapdragons.

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        • Naveen
        • Hkt
        • 18 Dec 2015

        ppi ??????
        thickness ??????
        weight ??????

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          • king
          • Ydg
          • 17 Dec 2015

          Would be better with the snapdragon 820 instead of the mediatek. The mediatek chip doesn't have as good of processing capabilities as the 820. And a 5.5 inch device is too big, which is why even as good as the LG G3 and G4's are why they aren't selling as well as they could.

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            • G4 user
            • 9LA
            • 17 Dec 2015

            used to like htc desing and performance but nowdays they aret even the shadow they used to be.....mtk chipset is not crap but is not good for gamming or performance ... sd 808 atleast could have been better even old 805 wich is good for 1080p .......... only devices still unmatched in materials and performance m7 and m8

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              • Delta
              • ijh
              • 17 Dec 2015

              HTC going back to its old design philosophy. This phone reminds me a lot of the Sensation XL when i look at the front.

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                • dlads
                • GJe
                • 17 Dec 2015

                Media tek? Really HTC ? Really?

                Have such a soft spot for HTC but this is a deal breaker for me, from what i know MediaTek make some shoddy hardware, i'll look into it but it doesn't look promising at the moment.

                Guess i'll be getting a Samsung or a Nexus if they can be bothered not to make surf boards anymore.

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                  • mish
                  • v$B
                  • 17 Dec 2015

                  Again a worst phone from htc.. Don't be fooled and buy as soon as it comes into the market cos every time they come up with a stupid mobile and lately htc realize their smartphone are not upto the mark and again they will launch a better version name htc one x9s or plus with minor changes and cheating the customers.Htc will be vanished in no time if they will not come up with a proper featured smartphone. Always a failed move from Htc.

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                    • Guess
                    • tue
                    • 17 Dec 2015

                    Anonymous, 16 Dec 2015This is what the new M10 phone needs: SD 820 5.0 to 5.5... moreI guess somebody in Qualcomm offended some HTC's bosses. they still insist with mediatek's cpu, no more dragon power. mediatek is for China market maybe. to our China friends please petition using Dragon cpu (snapdragon). even though it's not iPhone A9 cpu. at least You have DRAGON......

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                      • OIS++
                      • tue
                      • 17 Dec 2015

                      LLL, 17 Dec 2015OIS camera! Release it globally please~~~ (And with And... more+1 for OIS in HTC here.. ;)

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                        • Floody
                        • tue
                        • 17 Dec 2015

                        DrShiks, 17 Dec 2015I think HTC enjoys being stupid! what ever happened to QHD,... moreI think HTC is targeting China markets. Hence, With mediatek cpu they should be able to sell it cheaper with iPhone lookalike features. but their phones is still overpriced... lol. Mediatek is throwing price maybe, as we all knows China is flooded with mediatek cpu phones, pity them & some of us who bought HTC powered by mediatek. the CPU+GPU combination made phone gaming lousy. laggy & buggy.

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                          • DrShiks
                          • Nue
                          • 17 Dec 2015

                          I think HTC enjoys being stupid! what ever happened to QHD, fingerprint sensor, 32GB storage, 3D touch (or waheva they'd wanna call theirs), snapdragon 808 (given 810 overheats and 820 is yet to launch and the obvious failure of their in-house MediaTek in One M9Plus)... they always go back or just deliberately never wanna compete with the best. The only time they ever improved was from M7 to M8, they better price this X9 very low...or maybe just maybe the rumor is all wrong, we might find the fingerprint sensor in the power button like sony n the rest of the specs might change also...

                          I thought they'd right the wrong with the A9 but then they took out the boomsound, infrared (which has become my most used feature in the M8), implanted a mid-range processor, smaller battery...this is one company i never get!! if they weren't losing stocks i'd say its sum kinda strategy, this was the kinda mistake that sent Nokia south...never underestimate the interest of consumers!!!

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                            • Emrah
                            • 0Gp
                            • 17 Dec 2015

                            I don't like when the front and back of the phone doesn't match in terms of design. For instance, manufacturers tend to produce all white and plastic front while using grey aluminum or glass in the back.

                            The reason why M7, M8 and M9 are loved so much is because there is a harmonic design on both sides.

                            That said, I didn't like X9 and A9. I hope HTC will follow the footsteps of M series while designing M10.

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                              • lekaelxi
                              • M}h
                              • 17 Dec 2015

                              sukhy, 17 Dec 2015without fingerprint sensor it's a garbage....... you really think finger print sensor is an absolute must?

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                                • LLL
                                • tDD
                                • 17 Dec 2015

                                OIS camera!

                                Release it globally please~~~
                                (And with Android 6, not 5.0.2 ...)

                                Still no specs page yet GSMA?

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                                  • AnonD-11164
                                  • ajQ
                                  • 17 Dec 2015

                                  Am I the only one that finds the design of this phone not to be that great?
                                  Those capacitive buttons look cheap as hell, like on some Chinese phones.
                                  Releasing this after the A9, not a great idea.
                                  I'm really hoping HTC introduce a similar design as with the A9 to the M10, slim down the bezels, keep the display at 1080p and improve camera. And I'll gladly come back to HTC.

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                                    • sukhy
                                    • uw}
                                    • 17 Dec 2015

                                    without fingerprint sensor it's a garbage.......

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                                      • BANDAN Sr
                                      • w4h
                                      • 17 Dec 2015

                                      HTC is one the best brand name in smartphone...but their design is same almost in every phone...this phone looks differ from other model... thats gooooooood... well done HTC

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                                        • muya
                                        • PVv
                                        • 17 Dec 2015

                                        pt, 16 Dec 2015This phone will loose with Redmi Note 3 (version 3 / 32) at... moreSales volume may loose.

                                        But Brand Value wont loose.