YU announces flagship Yutopia smartphone in India

17 December, 2015
Comes with the new 'Around YU' service that integrates multiple services into one app.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-399271, 17 Dec 2015moto x style or yutopia ?honor 7

  • AnonD-449300

it would be great if it running windows 10 mobile

  • Anonymous

Does it support VoLTE?

  • AnonD-399271

droidmate, 17 Dec 2015No NFC ?? No laser focus ??PDAF

  • AnonD-399271

moto x style or yutopia ?

  • Nick

According to the official site the 3000mAh battery is removable. Please check this information.

  • AKS

no love at first sight look

  • reenum20

YU has already become the number Brand company. It is has already beaten Iphone and One Plus.

  • Anonymous

price to high for Yu company
as they directly giving 4GB ram after Yu yureka plus they should not have kept such price for this phone....price should be less so that sells will be higher(about 20k)....
otherwise one plus is strong apponent for them with his one plus two....
price should be less than one plus two.... bcuz I dont think 4GB ram is enough for it sells....
specs are really above demands.... let's see how well it performs....
one again I think its high price phone if brand is considered!!!!!

  • Anonymous

another phone ruined by crapdragon

  • Shiv

Does it have Wifi Direct & Smart Gesture technology?

  • AnonD-5666

AnonD-399271, 17 Dec 2015QHD gives better visibility in sunlight and fantastic viewing angles. WRONG.
Resolution has absolutely nothing to do with sunlight visibility or viewing angles.
Don't spread lies.

AnonD-477364, 17 Dec 2015Phone is legendary as of now with this price. It has got everyth... moreno NFC; 810 is well know for its heating power!!

No NFC ?? No laser focus ??

  • Anonymous

2k display with 810 more heat poor battery

  • krishk

A complete pack !

  • rgupta3000

Whether battery is removable or non-removable

  • Anonymous

2k screen ia a must for enjoying virtual realty.

  • AnonD-477364

Phone is legendary as of now with this price. It has got everything and don't lack in any areas. It is a clear winner with no competition. Best phone to buy as it has got Top Notch Best Hardware and Best Optimized Software i.e. Cynogen OS.

  • Anonymous

It really has good pixel sizee and sensor size for it back and front camera