HTC says they've made "a very, very big technological breakthrough" with Vive

19 December, 2015
HTC CEO Cher Wang has claimed that the company has made "a very, very big technological breakthrough" with their Vive VR headset. She made the claim while speaking at the Vive Unbound developers forum in China yesterday.

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  • Kirito

SAO, 19 Dec 2015Still waiting for the Nerve Gear.Yeah same here.... T_T

  • KapoorZ

Well.. never seen anything out of box from HTC... Hope this will break the record of nothing new... Fingers crossed...

  • D E

AnonD-342374, 19 Dec 2015HTC,Sony and the rest... you're all late in this VR game Samsung... moreLet them have the first run in the end Sony will be laughing at them. Just like you using Sony controller to enjoy your gear vr.

  • AnonD-76511

no just no

  • Anonymous

HTC invented full dive and you will no longer need to move in real life physically. Play games only with your mind. Just kidding. If HTC really did that I will buy 10 of these.

  • AnonD-375713

AnonD-354992, 19 Dec 2015I think your view is a little narrow minded. Let's at least g... moreI can see the point now when you point out a car like the R8 that not every retailer will have available for a test drive.
In case of an everyday car like, say the A1, it's pretty pointless, more like something you would instead let the buyer's kids have fun with (and they'll LOVE it, I can imagine it, also another selling point in favor: service), but for some special case like this one, simulating it on a test track, a VR simulation does make more sense indeed.

But you realize that Samsung Gear is devie that use Phone and its limited to android apps and/or laggy stream app.
And HTC Vive is full-blown PC virtual Reality Goggles that use loots of sensors and better screens?

Because no matter how good phone screen is, its still use 3-4 layers of glass before it reach your eye so not only quality is worst(ven on 2k screen) but FOV of those lenses are just bad.

I actually very often use TrinusVR app with my xperia for almost half of year, and even if I manage to finish games like HL2 or Quake4 using my vr goggles for phone its nothing like oculus or vive, because its still phone.

Even using USB cabble and cleaning screen and lenses even smallest dust on tinny scratch on phone screen that you cant see by naked eye is like huge dot/line on screen when you use VR goggles. and this fov is just too small for perfect gaming experience.

  • gilda

SAO, 19 Dec 2015Still waiting for the Nerve Gear.Super like! But preferably without the dying in game bit. I would love to face The Gleam Eyes!

  • Anonymous

HTC always best

  • AnonD-77549

I think nerve gear will be out when we crosses age 60 T.T

  • AnonD-24893

I'm not a samsung fan but ill prefer samsung gear to this. The sleek look or samsung VR gear is better.

  • Anonymous

SAO, 19 Dec 2015Still waiting for the Nerve Gear.It is supposed to be made by Japan by year 2022. Sony is the last hope for Nerve Gear to be real though I don't see them doing anything extraordinary except the Playstation VR. But all of that is just the fanboy talking. Realistically it will never happen in 20 years unless Samsung and Oculus figure it out first within 5 years. You will be amazed how much 5 years makes a difference. Look at the first 'commercial' tablet, the ipad in 2010 and 5 years later the market is saturated with new technology. Not to mention other techs like the smartwatches, Smart TVs, Internet of Things(IoTs), cloud storage, fingerprint scanners availability, flexible display, hybrid tablet/laptop, from dual to deca(10) cores processor, & VR/AR devices. If it takes 5 years to overhaul the entire tech industry, it will happen again in the next 5 years.

  • SAO

Still waiting for the Nerve Gear.

  • AnonD-354992

AnonD-375713, 19 Dec 2015Agreed. One thing is a situation where you would just like to ha... moreI think your view is a little narrow minded.

Let's at least get one thing out if the way, you'll never get the real feeling of a car simply by driving it in VR. There's no true G-Force, etc...

Imagine going to Audi, they have a car simulator (a real simulator not a planted seat with 3 screens), setup with a VR headset and you drive around in the R8 on a racing track. The simulator tracks ever movement, pebble, traction, break, you feel it all.

Coming out of there it might convince you to get the r8.

Sure it won't be on that alone, but I'll be damned if it doesn't seal the deal if you already had your eye on it.

If it change down to this car or another, and audi had that simulation and the others didn't, you'll buy the Audi.

  • AnonD-375713

AnonD-82281, 19 Dec 2015Actually, yes I have many times. The Samsung VR anyway. They are... moreAgreed. One thing is a situation where you would just like to have fun (Like a game), but on a test drive, you would already have the car you want to test... on the store right? If that's not the case, the best you can get is pretty close to just looking at a 3D view of it, at most you can feel the size around you. So all that the VR can emulate, like entering the car and seeing how the interior is, you can already do. The whole point of a test drive would be to feel the car, in a way that the VR can't emulate, like how the seats feel, how it handles, stability and all that.

  • AnonD-82281

dlads, 19 Dec 2015Lol Matt have you actually used one of these? Do you understand ... moreActually, yes I have many times. The Samsung VR anyway. They are fun, but I wouldn't make a car purchase after viewing one.

With gaming you can plainly see the benefits. But during a test drive, based on your reasoning, why do you emulate speed, distance, height etc within a room? Do you run around to drive? How is that applied in this instance?

  • Milo

dlads, 19 Dec 2015Lol Matt have you actually used one of these? Do you understand ... moreI hope they work with Augmented Reality, too.

  • AnonD-357853

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of VR headsets in general but this one was definitely the best out of all I tried even though it doesn't do exactly what the rest do so the comparison is not exactly apples with apples. The demos were quite impressive too. My only issue is that I kept tripping over the cable that was hanging behind my head and that it requires technicaly a quite big empty room which I don't really seeing it as becoming a real consumer product anytime soon.

  • dlads

AnonD-82281, 19 Dec 2015VR test drives are a fun idea, but will not drum up any car sale... moreLol Matt have you actually used one of these? Do you understand the potential these devices can bring? You emulate real life movement which is converted, it tracks your location in a room, it tracks where you look, your pitch, height, distance and speed to any given object.

This is a ground breaking piece of VR which is second to none, why do you think steam is on board?

Lets just see how it goes shall we.

  • AnonD-82281

VR test drives are a fun idea, but will not drum up any car sales. HTC are all out of innovative ideas it seems.