Sagem to launch an Android-powered Puma phone in 2011

8 April, 2010
Sagem and Puma unveiled their first phone only a couple of months back but, apparently, the Puma Phone 2 (or whatever it name will turn out to be) is already in the works. And, reportedly, it will come with the Android...

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  • Rick

This phone is a copy of the samsung blue earth models just with a few puma apps. Its great for kids though.

  • legnaw

Emmy, 12 Apr 2010A sagem-puma running on android? I would luv to see, feel a... moreno. Puma2 will

  • walker

i until have so many sagem phone 7 years ago, i am happy to come back sagem. there are good phones, i love sagem. i want one look like my sagem my700x the best music phone

  • Emmy

A sagem-puma running on android? I would luv to see, feel and kiss d phone cos it reminds me of my old sagem my-v55 and v56


serickson, 09 Apr 2010the android robot looks like a trash bin lolMaybe it is :-)

  • chocowii

Is this the phone that has solar panels?

  • core

to eog , puma isn't makeing this phone, it is going to be made by sagem wireless , by the way which is great mobile making company

  • EOG

Now any company make a phone.. come onn!!! nearly we can see cool-aid or gatorade make phones!! jeje

  • jatin

dis is gr8888888.......till now i was wearing i will operate puma.......

  • core

to tony and to people who ask silly questions like isn't sagem extinct . i will say that sagem solde their gsm sector and one company bought it that company renamed sagem gsm sector to sagem wireless . The company sagem to tony is one of few companys who were equal to quality from beginning and they where far more advanced from others companys like ericsson philips lg and motorola.

  • Tony

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2010iphone 4.0 is the way! The only thing I see that looks anywhere close to good with iphone 4.0 is the multitasking, only crappy part about that is that it doesn't work with alot of 3rd party apps. =(

  • Tony

wtf is sagem?

  • charlemagne

lol, :)), the android robot looks indeed just like a trash bin!!! sagem didn't go extinct. yet.

  • Anonymous

Cmonnnn Iphone!!! U cant beat it!!

  • bosun99uk

u remind me of my good old sagem my x7.

  • serickson

the android robot looks like a trash bin lol

  • Anonymous

Sagem is still making phones? I thought they'd gone extinct. Wow!

  • Anonymous

You really mean 2011??

  • ashu_simple07

nice ..........we r ready to wait for that

  • Anonymous

I see this as a good sign.But 2011?Isn't it a bit too early for this news?With that time frame it better be BOTH Puma tough AND HTC Legend-ish worthy specs at least else it's a no go.Plus they're gonna have to look at how will the 1st Puma phone pan out.