LeTV Max Pro rumored to feature ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and iris recognition

22 December, 2015
Earlier leaks had suggested that the device will be powered by the upcoming SD820 chipset, and sport a 5.5-inch (2560x1440 pixel resolution) display.

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  • Anonymous

then u are very on9 if your comment was just about yourself where to buy the phone, but not the comment for the phone itself.

  • Anonymous

I want one, but I want to buy it from somewhere in the UK, otherwise i will have issues returning it if it is not working.

  • watarious

Wow! this phone seems very promising, you coming out very strongly and I hope you continue that way. No freezing please, fast touch movement good specs and you will pull through the numerous android phones out the. Do you Have TV app on it? That would be extra for us

  • Vikasz

i'm waiting when launch this expected smartphone

  • AnonD-478124

This brand looks very promising.
The design and rest looks better than the One Plus !

  • coyz

I hope the battery will be big as well...can't wait to see this promising new phone. I also hope this has two sim slots and expandable memory... Good job LeTV!

  • Dodo

Sohail, 22 Dec 2015Gosh! These guys are bringing a new era of phones. Oukitel-Huge... moreNew era in unfulfilled promises, at least.

I was excited about the Max, but then it turned out it had numerous problems and the camera sucked, despite the great specs.

Specs are great, but if the execution is poor, who cares?

ssbatman21, 22 Dec 2015what about the news of snapdragon being exclusive to samsung for... moreThat will be till March when the s7 is expected to launch so all the other sd820 phones might be launching after that.

  • AnonD-45702

Nik, 22 Dec 2015What is ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?You will find the answer here my friend - http://www.cnet.com/news/qualcomm-snapdragon-sen­se-id-3d-fingerprint-scanner-hands-on/

  • Sohail

Gosh! These guys are bringing a new era of phones.
Oukitel-Huge battery 10000 mAh.
Fairphone-Modular phone and now theze guys...Well done LeTv :)

  • AnonD-50665

its next gen sensor which works faster nd also waterproof (works with wet hands)

  • AnonD-98584

Nik, 22 Dec 2015What is ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?its fingerprint sensor that can accurately detect print even if you finger/thumb is dirty, sideways, wet etc etc.

  • Anonymous

It is fronted of the phone...(See the antenna lines below) I think it is top and bottom of the phone which is curved and only a design element.

  • Nik

What is ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?

  • Anonymous

Since the Find 9 is nowhere in sight. This is the phone I'm waiting for.

This seems to be a very interesting phone. Lets see how good is it actually if and when launched.

  • AnonD-376965

i think that edge part is the back of the phone :D

what about the news of snapdragon being exclusive to samsung for few months???

  • Martin

Edge display?