ArcaBoard is a $20k hoverboard nobody wants

25 December, 2015
It's almost 2016 and we still don't have legit hoverboards. Worst of all, we are now calling these things hoverboards, something that neither hovers nor is a board.

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  • AnonD-480550

Baby steps...

  • Dovice

Pure narcissism by the inventor who clearly is a fashion model and not a real engineer. Secondly, in every shot, he was about to lose his balance and fall off, this thing is dangerous beyond anything else! Would be a good April 1st parody though.

  • AnonD-480549

What you all are talking about, i want it free of cost

"Ride across any terrain or water with the vehicle that was virtually impossible, until today."

Now imagine one tries to cross some deep waters within those 6 mins and the battery suddenly dies!

  • Anonymous

Can't we make some good droid that we can ride it and move around?
That will look like a hoverboard.

  • Hello

1. Poor advert
2. Poor price
3. Poor complementary accessory price (optionap quick charger for $4500?!?)
4. Poor charging time without that expensive quick charger
5. Overall poor price
6. Poor milelage (6 minutes per charge?!?)

Product gonna sink faster than titanic

Lol, hoverboard for 20k which doesn't move, only rotates in one place... Nice ripoff. I'm sure this could be made for 100$

  • Anonymous

What the hell is this

  • AnonD-455769

Lexus has the real hoverboard)))

  • secret

bad design