Android 6.0 update for Xiaomi Mi 4, Mi Note, and Mi 3 in final testing stages

26 December, 2015
Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Mi 4 and Mi Note smartphones would be getting the update soon.

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  • Anonymous

Will my Redmi 2 prime get the marshmallow update??

  • LOL!!!

sid, 26 Dec 2015Well actually it's fake as the date mentioned in the build ... moreits for beta team members u wont that update!

  • AnonD-463876

AnonD-352420, 26 Dec 2015The only manufactuer that has the balls to skip buggy lolli... moreYes "skip."

  • Ashutosh

Is there any update for mi pad?

  • Lapax

nick, 26 Dec 2015No Marshmallow for Mi4c?It's not been that long that the Mi4c has been released. So even if it gets one update it will be Android M.


WHEN I GET pM FOR REDMI NOTE 4G???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • AnonD-206412

So the rest, i mean redmi note , note 4g, redmi 1s , redmi 2 , prime, mi4 , mi4i . . stays to miui7 kitkat. ..

  • Jarret

Just a gimmick from China made brand

  • AnonD-480888

This isn't available for the Indian version.. Still stuck on kitkat 4.4,
What a shame they released a different version of mi4 in India..
No LTE and less ROM space...

  • nick

No Marshmallow for Mi4c?

  • AnonD-352420

The only manufactuer that has the balls to skip buggy lollipop... Well done xiaomi

  • sid

Well actually it's fake as the date mentioned in the build have already past and no one got the update yet.

  • xiaomineveragain

While MiPad remains in kitkat with unstable MiUI. Such a waste of potential. Just release the Kernel source and let the devs and other communities do your job.

  • rpg

What about mipad ?

  • Vaishakh Nambiar

Have been using Mi3.. Happy to hear bout the update... Big fan of xiaomi.. 😊👍

  • Anonymous

been waiting to here an update for the Xiaomi Mi 4

  • AnonD-430283

Nice, and G Flex 2 still nothing...

  • Rdt

Still wondering about the mi 4i/4c though. Really hope that Xiaomi also plans to update those:)

anyone know how to turn off uac on android 6 ? kinda really annoying with the windows ask for everything option, on android...

  • AnonD-380522

Well done, xiaomi!!