Le Max with 6.33-inch display and 4GB RAM landing in India next month, LeTV confirms

26 December, 2015
The company confirmed that the device, along with some other phones, will be launched in mid-January.

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  • AnonD-463876

Genius, 28 Dec 2015A 10" or larger size device is a tablet. An 7/8" device is a min... moreKeep forcing yourself to believe that, I know what the official definition of a phablet is and it starts from 5.1". And you can't simply compare an old 10 year old brick phone to a modern day one lol I don't care about big "phones" most of them are non-mainstream, cheap, under-powered and come from China. My main gripe is for the crazy fanatics like mas39 who constantly claim that this is what the average consumer wants or needs and thus will become the new standard, which is farfetched at best. There aren't enough of you big "phone" lovers out there to make that happen you guys are just part of a small niche market just like compact phone users are, the sooner y'all realize that the less arrogant you'll sound to others. Only difference is I'm more than willing to state the obvious lol

  • AnonD-463876

mas39, 28 Dec 2015Oh look it's that AnDas again, always going on about the same th... moreAnd there goes mas69, talking about his beloved "phone" again, model and all, that he practically sleeps with every night as per usual. Most people aren't mutants with abnormally large hands, it may be gaining some traction with some but if you or anyone else that thinks these kind of 6"+ devices will be the new golden standard for screen real estate is only fooling their gullible little minds.

  • AnonD-463876

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2015That comment is as old as Xperia Z Ultra. Be that as it may the truth still remains.

  • AnonD-463876

AnonD-408750, 27 Dec 2015I've seen people put a similar sized Sony Xperia Z Ultra in thei... moreIf you show me a pair of pants that can fit an object as big as a 6.3" device and still manages to look modern and stylish then I may change my mind lol

  • HumongousPhoneLover

I've tried to fit a 9.7 inch device(samsung tab s2 9.7) into my front jeans pockets but it doesn't fit LOL. I've tried to put a 9 inch device(HTC nexus 9) into my front jeans pockets and it fits but it's very uncomfortable. I think 8-8.5 inches device is the max size I can fit into my jeans pockets comfortably for an average size person like me. Shaq(NBA player) who is over 7 feet tall can probably fit a 10 inch phone into his pants pockets easily.

  • HumongousPhoneLover

This phone is tiny to me. I use a 8 inch phone as my daily driver(samsung tab s2 8.0 LTE). I can fit it into my front jeans pockets easily. When I make a phone call I put the device up to my head and I don't really care what people think. You have to understand some people like really big phones so they don't have to buy a separate tablet and can consolidate into one device. When I look at my friends s6 and his tiny 5 inch screen I wonder how he can use a phone that small. When he looks at my 8 inch phone he wonders how I can use a phone this big. Just let people have the freedom to choose.

  • Genius

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 20155.1-6.99" is a pretty broad range, narrow it down to 5.7" and ca... moreA 10" or larger size device is a tablet. An 7/8" device is a mini tablet. Anything between 5.5 to 7" is a phablet.

I am using a phone with a 6" display (Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro). It weighs considerably less than the first smart phone that I had 10 years back which had a 2.8" display. It is only half as thick and it fits in my hands and pockets quite well and much better than the phone that I was using 10 years ago. It is no bigger than Galaxy Note 4/5 or iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, even 6.5" in this form factor would be quite comfortable.

People like you are arrogant. You think products only need to comply to your requirements and anything fulfills somebody else's requirements is absurd.

  • mas39

Arif238, 26 Dec 2015I don't understand why every Chinese manufacturer tries to put... moreYour comment is such a joke, the limit for a phablet is 6.99", from 7" onwards they are called tablets, when will people understand ? Devices are going to get bigger and bigger and in a few years time the average size for a device will continue to grow until they exceed 6", but if you don't like them then there is nothing to stop you from buying something smaller.

  • mas39

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 2015My sentiments exactly, people who buy phones this big are just a... moreOh look it's that AnDas again, always going on about the same thing, apparently he still lives in the 20th century, it's now the 21st century and a lerge percentage of people prefer large devices. i have the 6.4" Sony Z Ultra and even though i'm only 5ft 3, I still find it small. AnDas and his followers just need to give it a rest now, sounds more like trolling than making comments.

  • Rai

People here are arguing on something about the size of the phone. if your preference is huge phone, then this is the type of handset you should be having, if you dont prefer it, your opinion is highly appreciated however there's no need to argue. why? because none of you here does not have any credibility to criticize make, build, specs and functionality of each and every phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 20156" is big, a borderline tablet but 6.3" is just laughable. You c... moreThat comment is as old as Xperia Z Ultra.

  • AnonD-408750

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 2015Sweet spot, really? How will you carry what is essentially a min... moreI've seen people put a similar sized Sony Xperia Z Ultra in their jeans pocket.

  • mek

[deleted post] Sure I have, listen to my point, if you have tiny little girly hands then look elsewhere and don't post useless comments

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Look who's talking the official gsm-troll

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2015You've no idea for what you're talking about better keep your mo... moreIt is no better or worse than iPhone 6/6s Plus or other phablets in the market in terms of size. Though Note 5 is a sweet spot with toned down size but even then LetV LeMax X900 is the winner for me. I bought this mobile because of its resolution and size (of course premium build and other specs made my choice easier for the price it offered). Its Golden Colour is uniform across both sides unlike some of the flagship where you have white color in the front side while totally different color on the backside.

  • AnonD-169727

[deleted post]"Hey, look, I have tiny little girly hands, and I'm not smart enough to realize people with huge hands prefer huge phones".

  • vinnu


  • Anonymous

6.33-inch display is very smart choice thanks LeTV

  • Anonymous

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 20156" is big, a borderline tablet but 6.3" is just laughable. You c... moreYou've no idea for what you're talking about better keep your mouth shut

AnonD-463876, 27 Dec 2015A starting trend maybe in Asia but definitely not in NA and most... moreeven i prefer compact phones and many others do but if others like bigger phones then its upto them. i would prefer a compact ultrabook like stuff for movies and browsing than my smartphone. that's my preference.