Patent reveals Samsung's plan for a smart ring

29 December, 2015
Rather than a notification/fitness tracking device like a smartwatch, the ring will be all about controlling other smart devices.

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  • AnonD-190634

AnonD-362866, 02 Jan 2016Smart home setups will become lucrative business dude, if you ha... moreI'm a 17 year old :| I can't do much, but maybe when i get a job i will do it :) because i might study electronics instead of computer science!

I also love smart home stuff :D i was trying to make my nightstand smart but i was too scared to use it in real life because of 220v power :D (i did make a demo but didn't go further)

  • AnonD-362866

AnonD-190634, 01 Jan 2016Interesting, i didn't know that! I was thinking of making a DIY... moreSmart home setups will become lucrative business dude, if you have the know how, then pursue it

  • AnonD-190634

AnonD-362866, 30 Dec 2015It's very easy to do all that, the Apple watch already does it a... moreInteresting, i didn't know that!
I was thinking of making a DIY version of that :D (the blinds and everything not car)
But i don't have resources :D neither have a smartwatch :D

  • rakenrol

LOL..then i'm gonna wait for a smart shirt and smart shoes haha

  • Ray Day

AnonD-119121, 30 Dec 2015Samsung should focus on SmartWife gadget where husband can enjoy... morelmao true

  • ..

THis may be efficient but in some ways will also have a negative effect. It will make people lazier ..

  • AnonD-59657

Samsung's smart bracelets would be next. It will change the way how should women wear the jewelry.

  • AnonD-119121

Samsung should focus on SmartWife gadget where husband can enjoy all its goodies and program it as he needs... Super Super Oled flexible face and body part where husband can download the type of wife he wants for one day and change it next day.... Hehehehehehe

  • AnonD-450593

Samsung Galaxy Condoms (in More than 5 Flavors)/.....

  • Anonymous

MdN8, 29 Dec 2015What's next? Earring? Hair band? Tongue piercing?Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. Samsung and the other manufacturer are entering the wearable market. Don't tell me you didn't expected this to happen any sooner. Wearable technology has been rumors for years. It is 2016 a few days from now. That is the power of IoTs. Time for the future tech to rise. Smartring would be nice to open locked doors and cars. Unlocking smartphones and laptops. Main function probably for security purposes. Passwordless environment. A new way to integrate Samsung Pay.

  • Anonymous

Cocacola, 29 Dec 2015Lame. I am waiting for the smart "necklace" that could choke you... moreThe smart necklace thing actually exist. Samsung neckband headset.

  • Anonymous

Finally, a ring so that you can get married to your smartphone and internet. Does it come with a wedding package too and honeymoon trip?

  • Venkat

Just make a Move samsung, it will become a standards like fingerprint sensors and class c USB cables.........

  • AnonD-362866

AnonD-190634, 29 Dec 2015I would rather use my smartwatch for this! the only reason i lik... moreIt's very easy to do all that, the Apple watch already does it all, plus some, like controlling your Tesla etc

  • AnonD-362866

Chen, 29 Dec 2015Lead the way Samsung; everyone else will follow.Lead? Apple got their Ring patent first ;)

  • AnonD-362866

dbuyi, 29 Dec 2015let see apple suing us for the ring patentI dont think they will, the patents describe the functionality a bit differently, also Apples might be used to start the Apple Car. I doubt Samsung would be able to copy that very quick... ESP if Apple manages to keep it a secret until it's launch. Because then it would just be a major surprise no one was expecting.

  • AnonD-362866

Apple applies for Ring patent, Samsung follows suit soon after, lol

  • AnonD-409829

Promise ring > Engagement ring
> wedding ring....let the anniversary ring be a SMART RING > because it will cost 10 000 USD, suffer...ring will follow hahahaha hahaha boxing ring will end the marriage

  • Aman

once again samaung is reqdy to amaze us ....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2015Phahaha... xD One ring to rule them all One ring to find t... morethat comment is hilarious. you made my day