The Orange Boston runs Android, costs a euro?

15 April, 2010
Smartphones are great but they do cost more. Unless they don't - the Orange Boston phone runs Android and "one euro" is thrown around when its price is mentioned. And that gets you surprisingly good...

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  • amazing

this is wayyy!! better than the htc magic/mytouch3g.. i mean way way better.!

  • ahmed

sorry guys , the fault wasn't mine
it's that we donot have this contract system in egypt :)

  • minizobi

Donut? Welcome back to 2009!

  • Luis Wang

This phone looks the same as Vibo A688 from Vibo telecomunication or Commtiva T1 from Far Eastone telecommunications in Taiwan, both are made by Foxconn, the difference from both two that the Vibo come with the tracking ball and capacitive touch screen and the Far Eastone come with a resistive touch screen and no trackball.

  • daus (indonesia)

android 1.6???
why not android 2.0 or 2.1 example samsung i9000 galaxy??
but, no problem. ok. fair

  • Noman

Why Android 1.6?

I hate it when companies are too lazy to have the latest software. The Android 2.1 came out like 3 months ago. Orange or Boston whatever needs a firmware update, and fast.

  • simple sam

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, youros thats a good wan! i like youros better than the pound..

  • Johnny

1 Euro for the Phone.

** Conditions Apply

Very funny..

In US & Europe, people can get any phone for free on a contract(including an iphone) & added to all that you would even get playstation or ipod or a basic laptop or a lcd TV absolutely free depending on the contract you select.

But what people dont realize is that by the end of the contract, they would have paid heavily for the phone hardware, but that still does not bother them, as b the end of the contract itz time to go in for an upgrade. These days every day new phones are coming out, so definitly by the end of a 12/ 18/ or 24 month contract your ph is heavily outdated and due for an upgrade.

But compare all this with India, the still not second but I should say a third world country, wherein u have to buy the phone and you end up paying heavily as an investment on the phone at the beginning itself and then you have silly contracts just to take care of the minutes and texts. That is why in India, 80 % of mobile use is pay as you go and the remaining 20 % is on contracs without any free phone.

India still has a long way to go towards prospering. But if people are wondering why is it that in India there is no contract that has free phone system, itz because a huge majority of people end up defaulting on their monthly payments and the mobile phone networks do not want take the risk of any loss as the customer would disappear with the phone even if the person credit score was good at the very beginning of the contract.

Anyways, all of you have a nice day ahead.


  • sionyboy

Looks like Orange's answer to the T-Mobile Pulse, an affordable, Android powered handset that'll fit nicely into PAYG or a low cost contract.

I'd certainly consider it if I was on a budget!

  • Anonymous

ahmed, 15 Apr 2010what do u mean by saying 1 euro??????? does it really cost this???ahmed,
READ, man.

  • me

Why not full white? :(

  • 3Dee

Saying that it costs a Euro on a contract means nothing really - I could get almost any phone for free on a contract in the UK, even high value handsets, so having to pay a Euro would become expensive. If it were a Euro on pay as you go then that would be different.

  • Anonymous

In Romania, phones on pay monthly rarely cost 1 euro because the subscriptions are not as expensive as in France or UK. At orange Romania a dolphin plan with 1100 orange minutes and 150 any network minutes costs 12 euro including VAT. So we pay more for the phones. It may cost 1 euro for a 20+ euro plan.

  • ahmed

what do u mean by saying 1 euro???????
does it really cost this???

  • Arron

not a bad handset for Orange UK a mid range smartphone..