Sony Xperia Z6 Lite with Snapdragon 652 SoC to come in 2016

30 December, 2015
The model will allegedly have a 5.0-inch display and use Qualcomm's new hexa-core processor.

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  • Anonymous

Art, 30 Dec 2015SONY is so confused they don't whether they are coming or going.... moreTrue. And no way I'm waiting to may for a new phone (had mine over 3 years now).
Also the bezels looks THICK for a 2016 phone which is very bad imo. Let's hope they have a better plan than what it seems.

  • middlefinger

what if i want a phone between 4 inch and 4.6 inch or between 4.6 inch and 52 inch ... come on sony you could have launched couple more models .. disappointed !!!!!

  • AnonD-482568

The problem with me is that i love sony mobiles even i know that Galaxy series are better....

Any ideal how xperiaz5 is performing?

  • AnonD-482568

AnonD-112563, 30 Dec 2015All Sony phone's camera quality are crap, they only increases th... moreYour totally right

  • AnonD-404798

Art, 30 Dec 2015SONY is so confused they don't whether they are coming or going.... morefaster camera?it's already faster than blink of an eye. 0.03 sec is needed for Z5 camera to focus! blink of an eye take from 0.02 to 0.05 sec.
less bloatware? Xperia UI is closest to stock Android so I cant understand your complain there.

bye the way Z5 is the best flagship of 2015. I use it and I'm more than happy with it.

2.expandable storage up to 200gigs and base models is 32gigs.
3.stereo speakers.
4.excellent build quality (metal and glass). camera in smartphone confirmed by dxomark.
6.supports hi-res audio. apps for multimedia
--1 .''music'' for music listening with best equalizer,deep bass,clear audio+,dynamic normalizer and DSEE HX.
--2. ''album'' for photos that is easiest to navigate,
--3. ''movies'' that supports all major formats and subs)
8. PS4 remote play
9.Triluminos display and X-Reality Engine. placement for fingerprint sensor.


  • Art

SONY is so confused they don't whether they are coming or going. And all this confusion about so many different but similar models is confusing the hell out of their customers, and probably running off plenty in the process. SONY, calm down, and focus on giving us 3 different phones per year, and release them all at the same time every year, like Apple, and make sure they are the best phones in the least on par with Apple and Samsung.

Mind you, I am not an Apple fan and own nothing they make, but you have to admit they are doing a lot of things right that SONY (and others) should take notice of.

The upcoming SONY Z6 phones need a better faster camera, longer battery life, better build quality, wireless charging, true OIS, a lot less bloatware, retail stores where customers can see, touch, tryout, and ask questions about your myriad products, and finally, and most important, back up your products with world-class customer service and support. As for OmniBalance design, I think it's beautiful and classic, and I love it. Don't change it, but give us the chrome version across all 3 models. But it's what's inside that reaelly matters. These are the bare minimum requirements if you are serious about running with the big dogs.

As of right now, your phones are way too expensive for an also-ran product, you have poor customer support, no advertising to promote your products, and no current model phone available in the USA. SONY, what the hell are you thinking to exclude the US market? The US market cannot be ignored if you really want to be successful. The US market is the world's biggest, most important, and most affluent market in the world...why do you ignore this fact?

If the upcoming Z6 if not the best and highest spec'ed phone in the world, you might as well pack up and go home because I believe the Z6 is your last chance to make a stand in the smartphone arena.

Give us the phone you know we really want, and quit taking shortcuts on screen quality, battery life, basic features, and customer support. You can do much better than this. We don't need or really care about worthless gimmicks and tricks that run-up the price, such as 4K resolution, PlayStation remote control, and pressure sensitive touch screens. Just give us a great phone that doesn't cut and corners or have any compromises.

Please get it right with the Z6, or I for one, will be forced to look elsewhere for a smartphone.

  • Davood

sony is good

  • SDKforLumia

Please Sony, please make it a 5" device. Please

  • Anonymous

perfect segregation of flagship phones based on screen size.
Good job Sony!!!!

  • AnonD-112563

All Sony phone's camera quality are crap, they only increases the Megapixels each year but the quality is same !
Sony's lacking of innovation .

  • Anonymous

Yes, most probably M6. at the "Ultra" will be C6.

  • AnonD-463876

And people complain Samsung has too many models lol glad they're making another small and manageable phone at least.

  • HumongousPhoneLover

mas39, 30 Dec 2015Still using the Z Ultra which I love so much and just ordered th... moreNice man I've heard good things of the z3 tablet compact. Even tho its over a year old I'm sure it's still a pretty good phablet. You just have to make sure to use a Bluetooth headset or headphones with Mic for phone calls as I believe the LTE version of the z3 tablet compact does not have an earpiece for phone calls. So you can't really put the device up to your head to take phone calls haha. I put my 8 inch tab s2 8.0 up to my head to make phone calls, I know it looks ridiculous in public but I don't really care lol.

  • Anonymous

Z6 lite = M6???

  • AnonD-149126

Let's see Xperia Z6 lite or Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) will have better feature, camera, sensor,ppi, USB host, battery, slim & weight, etc .....Because both phone price is almost same.
Hope Z6 LITE will win this battle.

  • AnonD-246723

AnonD-479118, 30 Dec 2015Hope Sony adopt TegraTegra is not made for phone due to the high power consume and heat . There isnt any phone come with Tegra now .

  • AnonD-104705

Plz plz plz....change Design & UI

  • Anonymous

if this is the case when I can order it

  • eldamri

please push through with the z6 mini. i want small phone :D

  • mas39

Still using the Z Ultra which I love so much and just ordered the 8" Z3 Tablet Compact which I shall also use as a phone, probably on a cheaper contract, just love what Sony are doing these days, with the Z5 series and now the excitement with regards to the Z6 family.