The 20 most popular phones of 2015

03 January, 2016
We take a quick look at the most frequently visited handsets in our database for 2015.

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  • AnonD-528530

yaaay, asus in 2nd!!!

  • Ghosts

S6 ..........


for what

no memory card no replacement battery i get it and after 2 months i sold it the internal memory full and till this moment i don't know why

the battery had a problem and it take 1/3 of its price to change it


lol , 03 Jan 2016IPhone fanboy detected HAHAHAHAHA, im the biggest anti apple guy you can ever talk to :P s6 was a flop, s4, s5, alpha, note 2, note 3, note 4, note 5 is and was a lot better than s6 will ever be. i upgraded from alpha to s6, went back to alpha after 1 month. if i see good specs on s7, ill maybe go for that. apple is even worse than samsung. they were the reason my s4 got delayed bc s2 looked at little like iphone. im a spec guy and want the best of the best. so not even oneplus 2 or x can compares to note 5. iphone has 2013 hardware, and even samsung hardware :P look on every post i have made, and you wont see me talk good about apple, at any time.

  • AnonD-477853

no iphone

  • shuk

lg flex 2.
the king of geometry

  • Anonymous

mir ibrar, 04 Jan 2016not iphone why I think iphone is the best phone of 2015lol, u sure iphone is the best phone of 2015..? xD

  • Anonymous

Mallik, 04 Jan 2016The list mentioned above is not 20 most popular smartphones... moreIts not about which phone is best you noob. It about popularity.

  • Bana

Hi, This post writer is mostly samsung fan. Where is Huawei Honor 6? and Honor 7? These phones are best phones in 20k budget. You just go Flipkart. And see honor 6 and 7 users comment and rating. Users reviewe is very important. one person's opinion not a dicided fact. Huawei is a Top 3rd Maker of mobile phones. And Top 2 in Android. Google also making their nexus 6p phone from huawei. Please look at world. come out from well.

  • mir ibrar

not iphone why
I think iphone is the best phone of 2015

Funny opening to this post "As we start off 2015..." Should have been 2016. Writer still getting over new year's eve celebrations no doubt!

  • Jarret

Samsung still the number one

  • Mallik

The list mentioned above is not 20 most popular smartphones, but they are only Jaffa samsung phones. Samsung A8 is super flop mobile. not even worth of 1/3 of its price. full hangings problem. J1 is below average phone. Only this site listed all the bloody samsung phones.

  • aztec avenger

I bought the moto g third generation, and the phone is so good. The battery lasts for 2 days strong, the camera is really good too and its water resistant. yeah my model has 1gb ram but i haven't experienced any lag because the moto's software is clean, so its super smooth like butter. best budget phone of 2015 by far, kudos to motorola they have really stepped up their game.. might get the moto x style 4th generation when it comes out.

  • MrCharm69

Guys, guys! This list is all my fault. I was looking for a Samsung phone that was small enough to use one-handed (you know, like a PHONE. Read: sub 5"), had a camera with OIS, a microSD card slot, on-screen buttons and no useless clickable home button. With the sheer number of devices SAMEsung put out this year I just expected them to trip over their own dick and accidentally put the correct features into a single device. My mistake. :(

  • Anonymous

Samsung j1 in the list, then I don't believe this list is accurate. all about old Samsung phones!

  • kamil

y not nexus 5 or 5x?

Lot of people just comment but don't know what they are commenting for XD

  • heynekko

NikiG, 03 Jan 2016The list is of "most popular" phones ;) so it's a balance o... moreYes the iPhone is bought in droves but people who bought iPhones don't bother coming here checking out specs and comparison. They just saw the logo and bought it.

  • Nx

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2016Wheres Sony Z5!?? Nah, don't expect any Sony devices, GSMA don't like Sony.

  • Terry

Angry Mobile Nerd, 04 Jan 2016Exactly. This is actually a list of the most popular phone... moreI agree to your view. Such as Lenovo, OnePlus and Xiaomi are unavailable in many markets but India.