AT&T is expanding its rugged device catalog with two Kyocera handsets

05 January, 2016
One is the Android-powered DuraForce XD and the other a feature-phone, named Kyocera DuraXE.

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The 1st one seems great. But 5,7?
It's too big. It should had been 5 inches, tops.

The extra loud stereo speakers are very tempting though.

  • AnonD-489047

$270 for a flip phone? Are you crazy?

  • ArtificiallyYours

Travolta, 06 Jan 2016There is nothing cool about the clamshellphoneYeah and there's nothing interesting about you or your tastes.

  • AnonD-226698

I would buy the clam shell for my mom...I'm afraid that if i purchase her a normal big screen one it will brake in her big purse.

  • Travolta

There is nothing cool about the clamshellphone

  • Jarret

The Samsung copycat

  • AnonD-436036

the clamshell phone looks cool.