iPhone 6c live dummy photos, 3D renders suggest a familiar design

05 January, 2016
The latest 3D renders of the allegedly upcoming iPhone 6c give a glimpse of how the 4" smartphone could look like.

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  • RAY

4inch screens are jokes for some people, but some people still use iphone 5s for its size, best example my dad he still sticks with iphone 5s, even its from 2013, he's waiting for iphone 6 mini, i think this will be a hit on that kind of persons,

  • AnonD-447116


Bezels everywhere...

  • Anonymous

why waste premium a9's for a 4" :(

  • AnonD-366586

iPhone 5S had better looking than this copied thing from HTC.

  • AnonD-142922

why .. ?!?! whyyy???
what for ?