12-inch Samsung Galaxy TabPro S runs Windows 10

06 January, 2016
Samsung has just unveiled a premium Windows 10-running tablet - the Galaxy TabPro S. The slate is a 2-in-1 device with a detachable keyboard and an option to purchase and use proprietary Bluetooth Pen and a multi-port adapter.

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  • Anonymous

Please does this tablet run android apps

  • netsyseng

Decent resolution (although I pre IPS to AMOLED)
OK @4gb
128gb storage is nice

M3 cpu is low-end, can be sluggish when taxed

Unfortunately, despite multifunctional modems this is WiFi only

Needs refresh IMHO with upgraded CPU/GPU, 8gb for WIN10 performance and better connectivity option.

Hopefully Samsung will do so...

  • Bikash Gain

This samsung TAB is so slim.also it's keyboard,Totaly
it's looking like a slimer peace of world, But I wanna
know about the price of this product.if someone share this
price with me then this will good for me

  • Anonymous

Skk, 06 Jan 2016If its worth $500-$600 Then im interested.$899 with keyboard

  • Ben

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2016This tablet is 6.3mm thin so they cannot put the pen silo in it.... moreSamsung.com refers to the size of the battery in mAh...

  • Anonymous

Hi. I an impressed by the configuration of this hybrid device. Waiting for it to arrive to preorder soon......thx

  • AnonD-487050

can anybody ensure that "Wordpress" will work with this tab?

  • Anonymous

This tablet is 6.3mm thin so they cannot put the pen silo in it. The new bluetooth pen already has a name. It is called C-pen. Regarding battery, the editor should have do more work on that. Any device in the form of a tablet or laptop don't use mAh as a measurement. They should use Wh. Smartphone have a standardized voltage value that is completely different than tablet and laptop. It does not translate to real capacity when apply to tablet and laptop. Please improve on this Gsmarena. Your editors need to know how to calculate stuff too and not just good at writing up stuff.

Haplo, 07 Jan 2016"proprietary Bluetooth Pen" sounds pretty bad. They should have ... moreI do agree with your pen-included approach. But it seems Samsung thinking otherwise. I just explaining why there are no pen storage in the tablet itself.

  • eminem3

it is intel processor it's not arm. you can't expect too much from it. but is a start

  • sajjad Faisal

Best way to compare battery life is to simply compare battery life and for that, wait for reviews rather than making conclusions.

  • Haplo

kurotsuki, 06 Jan 2016The pen is sold separately. There's no way Samsung will put a ho... more"proprietary Bluetooth Pen" sounds pretty bad. They should have gone with the Wacom tech S-Pen with a silo to hide it - then they would have had a real winner here....

  • Anonymous

That's exactly what I meant. I expect battery life to be in the league of SP4 and iPad Pro. Battery life may be a bit weaker when using "white-intensive" apps, though i.e. web browsing or Office suite apps. On the other hand, video playback and other apps with low APL should give Galaxy TabPro S stellar endurance. With the current AMOLED generation AMOLED display efficiency is better than LCD for APL of 80% or less.

  • AnonD-105795

Most ppl don't know much about battery. Do research first before bashing. An 5000mah 3.8v is weaker than an 5000mah 6v-9v. Endurance is based on watt-hour not mah, so therefore this Samsung tablet has more juice than SP4 or ipad pro. Hence Samsung estimates this tablet can run for 10.5 hrs.

  • Anonymous

Actually, Wh is much better measurement of battery life compared to biased mah specs. The ubiquity of mah reporting in mobile world stems from the fact that most mobile phones have the same voltage (that is around 3.8 V). And because of that mah is indeed comparable among phones. However, 2-in-1s have batteries of different voltage. For instance, SP4 - which has admittedly great battery life - has 5,087 mah which translates to 38.2 Wh (7.5 V). On the other hand, iPad Pro battery is rated at an impressive 10307 mAh. But if Wh is compared, that is only marginally better than SP4 (iPad Pro has 38.8 Wh, 3.77 V). Mah measurements indicate that iPad Pro lasts twice as long compared to SP4 and that is not true. That's why mah reports are biased. Galaxy TabPro S is rated at 5200 mah = 39.5 Wh (7.6 V). Here's how to convert mah to Wh: [mah]/1000 x [V] = [Wh]. This site has a pretty good explanation on the whole subject of "mah vs. Wh": http://www.goalzero.com/solarlife/2013/05/28/cle­aring-up-the-question-of-battery-capacity-in-ele­ctronics/ We just need to be patient and wait for reviews to roll out. Only then do we know the battery life of Galaxy TabPro S.

The battery is a joke. It'll probably run for only about 3 hours.

  • xvi

The SP4 has a 5087mah battery, so there is nothing wrong with this having a 5200mah one, in fact it is pretty good considering the tablet it thinner than the SP4.


  • Jordan

Jin1234, 06 Jan 2016So, what? Most laptop battery makers advertise their batteries p... moreit's not normal for a tablet of this size. it is dumb to make direct comparison against laptops. they dont function the same way as far as internal process goes. and mobile phones dont have such a big screen to drive. it makes a huge difference when you are trying to drive a 12" screen with just a 5000mah battery especially for a tablet. no one is interested in taking a tablet out that can bearly survive 3-4hrs of usage especially something this big.

  • Jordan

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016I wonder how will this tablet run in Full windows OS mode on tho... moreNo need to wonder. MS Surface Pro is doing the same without issue. If this runs like shit then it's Sammy engineering issue rather than than it's real capability. For general productivity wise those processors are more than sufficient. Unless you are trying to game or do heavy stuffs like video / photo editing.

AnonD-393912, 06 Jan 2016Intel M+1440p+10" powered by 5200 mAh? so like 2~3 hour usage?So, what? Most laptop battery makers advertise their batteries power capacity in terms of 4400, 5200, 5600 or 5800 mAh since always. Is there a bigger one? That is a normal capacity. Don't be so shocked by the fact that our smartphone battery are nearly the same capacity. They are getting more and more power consuming as much as a laptop. Smartphone these day are equally as powerful as a computer.