Polaroid Power and Snap smartphones unveiled

07 January, 2016
Prices range from $130 for a base Snap to $250 for the Power, 8,000mAh power bank bundled.

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  • titchie
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  • 01 Nov 2018

Is this 4G Ram?

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    • chizito
    • 8AT
    • 27 Apr 2017

    Jose Maldonado, 05 Apr 2017I bought a Polaroid Snap S55 and the battery is demaged, no... morejust check de volt of the battery and buy a similar,, i have a old samsung galaxy 1 with a lg battery.

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      • Jose Maldonado
      • Pw6
      • 05 Apr 2017

      I bought a Polaroid Snap S55 and the battery is demaged, now I can`t find a battery replacement, Am I going to lose my phone because nobody sells batterys for this phone ?

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        • Anonymous
        • xAM
        • 04 Nov 2016

        This phone Model S55 is a bad buy from EVINE, the should be a recall, cannot connect etc.

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          • Anonymous
          • 99r
          • 29 Jul 2016

          AnonD-248589, 08 Jan 2016If Polaroid brands a phone you would expect it to have a ki... moreDo you seriously believe that this is the original Polaroid company?

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            • J Tee
            • XHZ
            • 06 Jul 2016

            I purchased this phone as a gift to my wife from "Evine Live" a shopping network. She was able to use it for 3 weeks then some crazy things happened. It would go blank even after she had charged it up, stop working in the middle of a conversation or just lose all charge. What is up with this phone? We tried to contact the shopping network and they told us they no longer had any information concerning these phones. Why sell something you don't know anything about? Do yourself a favor, read what others have to say about what you're purchasing, then make your decision.

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              • never again
              • khI
              • 15 Apr 2016

              I brought this phone online so I couldn't return it... I have had trouble with it since I got it. My screen would go blank and I would have to take out the battery for about 5-10mins and then sometimes I would have to charge it (even though it was charge) and sometimes I would have to try that several times before my phone would come back on. I contacted customer service via chat and that said that they had never heard of that and had me reset my phone, I did and that didn't work. So I call customer service and was told that they could not send me a new phone until I sent them mines. I called several times finally I got to speak to the supervisor whom I had to argue with to get them to send me a phone. A week went by and I called to get a status and was told that they never mailed the phone out. I spoke with the supervisor again and he said that he would have to check with the warehouse to see why my phone was not sent out yet. I called him on Friday about 2pm and was told that he would have to call he warehouse on Monday because they leave early on Friday and he would call me back on Monday. Well he never called be back. I finally got my new phone so hopefully this one works better.

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                • Queen
                • IAp
                • 20 Feb 2016

                I bought this phone a week ago and have been having trouble with my text messages. Know one their new how to help me they asked if my Wi Fi was on. I told them that has nothing to do with texting. Then have been telling me a supervisor will be calling be back to help it has been a over a week and no one has called me. Then they emailed me how to reset my phone because that would help reset my text and all it did was wipe out everything I put on my phone, and then my phone would not come back on so I call back Customer service I even chatted on-line with someone and got the same story a supervisor will call and help you but still no one has called. Thank goodness I bought this phone from online shopping so I can return it. Polaroid customer service is a joke

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                  • Anonymous
                  • r%0
                  • 09 Jan 2016

                  Polaroid is no longer a real camera company. Someone else is licensing the name. Similar to Magnavox TV sets/video recorders that are actually manufactured by Funai.

                    Almand, 07 Jan 2016What is the relationship between ram n storage?None.
                    OEMs just manufacture it that way most likely due to cost or market concerns.

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                      • AnonD-248589
                      • scp
                      • 08 Jan 2016

                      If Polaroid brands a phone you would expect it to have a killer camera.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mTn
                        • 08 Jan 2016

                        Visva, 07 Jan 2016Better late than never. They could have entered earlier, co... moreUnfortunately these devices are NOT really made by Polaroid, are they. They are simple cheap chinese made mediocre devices commissioned by Southern Telecom. Which is probably some obscure US-telco who licensed the Polaroid name. The wiki-page below describes the parent company behind this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Company

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mTn
                          • 08 Jan 2016

                          squareroot , 07 Jan 2016Finally a smartphone from a not so famous manufacture with ... moreYou got it wrong. This IS a mediocre device with NO software optimization. It's just a more or less stock Android experience which doesn't automatically means that it's a better experience.

                          Also, let's not forget that a lot of features eventually drip down from brand-"optimized" Android-variants to become the "next stock Android". For example things like a power saving-mode or fingerprint scanners that have been around on non-stock devices for quite some time now.

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                            • AnonD-314089
                            • PjB
                            • 07 Jan 2016

                            i would to buy, mainly cause the price.Seems reasonable.

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                              • squareroot
                              • utc
                              • 07 Jan 2016

                              Finally a smartphone from a not so famous manufacture with clean UI! Hope other mediocre cellphone manufactures starts making phones with a mindset of not adding software gimmicks but making phones with true software optimisation.

                                What is the relationship between ram n storage?

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                                  • Visva
                                  • KAn
                                  • 07 Jan 2016

                                  Better late than never. They could have entered earlier, could have seen some innovation like Polaroid itself.

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                                    • AnonD-476243
                                    • tht
                                    • 07 Jan 2016

                                    great phones with cheap too

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                                      • Astera
                                      • Nu7
                                      • 07 Jan 2016

                                      What is the need to over flood the mid range with all these give us one or two high ends and save the rest

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                                        • AnonD-275948
                                        • nD8
                                        • 07 Jan 2016