HTC's sales were down 35% last year

08 January, 2016
The company's last year's revenue stood at NTD 121.68 billion ($3.65 billion), down from NTD 187.91 billion ($5.64 billion) in 2014.

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  • pedestrian

HTC was once the top company in Android phone market but now it goes bad and
the price of phones is too high with ludicrous specifications......

  • AnonD-487737

I am HTC user. i have htc one E8 and i am very disappointed from mobile.. Mobile back camera photo's going Pink and right now today Vibrate is not working

  • AnonD-127662

Oh my dear?, 08 Jan 2016Actually I think you never use smartphone other than HTC. Just l... moreActually, I've used and tested plenty of Android phones. See, I am not slating other Manufacturers. You are slating HTC here. Massive difference.

  • Nambiyappan

M using HTC desire 616 m suffering from os issue one of the worst mobile in my mobile history.....m really affected from HTC...

  • Dannyikoh

if you try to buy bucket it may break so when you buy the shoe always make sure it doesn't bend to break

  • AnonD-56862

AnonD-77892, 08 Jan 2016ahahaha... I hate this wannabe brand! A brand that will never be... moreSeriously man.. I laughed so hard after reading your comment.

You better take some research before posting this.

Razor, 09 Jan 2016It seems many people doesn't get it. htc are not apple, samsung,... moreyes its true that HTC has some improvements to go, especially marketing amd perhaps pricing. So does apple on the pricing front. in Australia where it is 3-4 times that of most phones. For all the reasons you mentioned why would anyone buy apple I guess. however, in regards to the HTC A9 there will always be better and worse and I think it was a timely departure from the tired ongoing remodels of the m series. The A9 camera is very crisp. Phones are not always necessary about specs. if that was the cse apple would not be up there in many respects but if the specs are very decent which the a9 is combined with a superior look and feel to most phones then yup, it does strike a cord. im not really interested in top flagships for our business use, to be honest a lot of that over facility wouldn't be used. this is a high mid range and a quantum leap from what we had previous in the classic One S. Thanks for your time though to dialogue. appreciated. very very happy with he A9

  • Anonymous

Would really like to see the numbers of another Taiwanese brand Asus, which has totally different pricing strategy.

  • Razor

Fitbri, 09 Jan 2016There will always be better and worse to everything. All rather ... moreIt seems many people doesn't get it. htc are not apple, samsung, lg or sony. Their bread and butter is mobile business. Unlike those other companies who makes common household appliance htc don't make them. htc's main problem is always that they are too ambitious for their own good. Not that having ambition is a bad thing but they tried to be something they're not. Htc A9 was a decent phone but completely unnecessary and was also overpiced. Camera wasn't great either and not to mention they lack stereo speakers, which was htc's signature boomsound setup. And aside from metal build and average 13mp OIS camera nothing was special about htc A9. You can get Alcatel idol 3 5.5, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2/3, Xiaomi Mi4c, Letv Le 1s and so on.... at half of the price with same mid-range specs. Hell! I didn't even mention One Plus 2, One Plus X and even powerful Meizu Metal, Meizu MX5 which are all cheaper than POS htc one A9. Not to mention It didn't help that htc A9's price is somewhere between 400 to 500 us dollars. So why would anyone wants to buy that overpriced htc A9 aside from some fan boys from htc? htc doesn't realize that market has changed drastically and people this days don't care about much brand value anymore. People vote with their wallet and most Chinese manufactures offer superior phones with less than 400 to 300 dollars price range. One Plus 2 is an prime example of that. htc's are making dumb mistake after one another and underestimating the Chinese OEM manufactures. Their marketing and business decisions are piss poor and they need to follow what the current consumers wants.....

  • J

HTC is the most stupid tech company in the 21 century.ridiculously spec phones with very high price tags, what do they expect?

Unfortunate, but expected. HTC is a mere shadow of the company it used to be. I appreciate the HTC that was fueled by innovation, driven by thinking outside of the box, and starving for success.

What happened to the HTC that championed amazing devices such as the TyTN, TyTN II, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, and Touch HD? Where is the HTC that forced people to pay attention by revolutionizing the smartphone UI with TouchFLO 3D (which was as smooth as butter, on resistive displays no less)?

HTC needs to return to its roots, and get back to the basics. Applying its former level of innovation to its current operations will bring the company success again.

Until then, a financial crisis is imminent.

Good luck, HTC.

  • AnonD-268646

AnonD-394646, 08 Jan 2016HTC is becoming more and more like LG and Samsung. They aren't r... moreYep that's true. They should have keep the One M series for the Flagship phone, Butterfly and One A or One X series for Mid-ranges and Desire for the Budget concerned customers while the addition alphabets at the back where S is meant for Lite version and G meant for Mediatek chipset. But then again HTC made it all way the other round where all of the series were mixed together and their mid-range A9 priced almost the same with their Flagship siblings.

  • Guy

This is what happens when they released tons of midrange an flagship with most of em mediatek chip(not many with snap) and even their flagship still shit with camera.Their one m8 was the best looking and best hardware(except for camera which i did mentioned sucks).

Oh my dear?, 08 Jan 2016Actually I think you never use smartphone other than HTC. Just l... moreThere will always be better and worse to everything. All rather subjective in some ways.
Fact is the A9 is a brilliant phone. No biased. It just is. You can buy cheap cars too. V dear cars. All have 4 wheels. Some are just more of a pleasure than others.
There is no way any of the image posted here do it justice. Much better ones online. As for lifestyle and just something very highly functional and beautiful looking its tops. not that I mean to, but when I go to some places and they see it, some have asked, where in the hell did you get that. HTC really did something nice with the A9. Once customised.. never go back. I look forward to what HTC may bring out this year now there waking up somewhat.

DS, 08 Jan 2016HTC Sense UI is one of the top 3 best Android skins, the M8 is s... moreIm getting 1.5 - 2 days out of the battery. Sometimes more on Doze mode.
80% better than my old HTC one S and 60% odd better than our Apple.
all other functionality etc. Brilliant

please try bring in a model that has removable battery, front physical home button, i will consider htc again.
s5 is a good reference. just need more ram, more storage. not really difficult to make a good phone

  • brian l s

HTC is capable of making great phones. For whatever they choose not to anymore, or they choose not to sell them everywhere. The world belongs to unlocked, reasonably-priced flagships. HTC will never catch up to reality.

  • mother1

because they released some crapy devices this year m9 m9+ they simply cannot match the competitors offering

  • AnonD-59657

Quietly R.I.P.

  • NickMe