Recapping CES 2016 - one rollercoaster of a ride through the latest tech

09 January, 2016
I've just attended CES for the first time in my life and I wanted to sit and write about what I saw there while my mind was still fresh with all the electronic goodies and gadgets that I have seen over the past 4 days.

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  • AnonD-4254

Ricky, never mind what the others are saying. I really liked your insight and believe me, people are just talking so much, because you were honest. I like honesty. People like it too, except that they misuse it for personal laugh.

CES was anyways going to be a busy event, so no doubt you did well.

Wish you all the best.

  • Chen

gadgetlover, 09 Jan 2016why don't u stop your whining! get a lifeOh, I'm not the one that's whining.
Was expecting to read about gadgets instead of humble beginnings.
Glad this site is run by British.

GSMArena has now officially turned into a personal blog by US editor, the guy who sold Samsung phones in BestBuy just to be able to play with new cool [Samsung] phones. Very Cool! But I'd rather read the good old GSMArena the phone review blog, not a personal blog of a specific person.

Prasad was more fun to read.

  • Milo

ApplevSamsung, 10 Jan 2016Sorry, have to agree with the negative comments. First time at C... moreThat's why the NEWS section exists...

  • Samsung_lover

come on people can you please be grateful and
appreciate Ricky's article?
Atleast he shows that he cared about y'all and
introduce himself and post a pic
#ooooohhh.. that pic ;-)

Sorry, have to agree with the negative comments. First time at CES? Cute. I had a pretty crazy first day of kindergarten too. New experiences difficulties yada yada yada. It reads like "baby's first _____".

This is a tech centric blog. I want details on new and exciting tech. You did well by not focusing on the 8K TV / drone / midrange phone sludge - but you didn't focus on anything else! Give us some juicy new tech info please, yo.

  • Ferengi80

Great article, Ricky. I thought your article was very well written, and it is pleasant to see something on here written with a personal perspective, rather than specifically dealing with the technology and providing information. You certainly seemed to have a great time, which shows in the way you have written the article. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • AnonD-478765

Thank you so much for your article. This is a guide for me. I'm just like you. I wanna to be a tech journalist. Now I am working at a Samsung Mobile Brand Shop. When I see negative comments about your article, I was so disappointed with them. Your article may not be perfect or as good as a professional journalists at Gsmarena. But I believe that you will be better. Not everyone is perfect at first. Please do what you inspire and know that someone like me is supporting you. I also want to work at,, Android Authority or at any other technology website. I'm crazy in technology like you.

  • ruserious

This article was more about you then tech products.never expected this from gsmarena.come on on man who wants to know about your experience or how you felt.luks like editor is on holidays.

  • 4laptop4

Not an expert but this is what I felt reading this article:

> Breath of fresh air and shows the enthusiasm with some originality
> I felt like I was on the CES floor and all that was happening in my mind reading it
> Ricky nice pictures
> On the downside it got a lot personal and not everyone will like it although it's just a start and there are many more events you will attend. Just keep the originality with a lesser 'ME' this time.

Good luck and Congratulations for the new Job Rickster!

  • Anonymous

Seeing as this article was supposed to be a recap of CES. I expected it to be 100% about the products and services unveiled throughout the event. It's surprising to see an article written in first-person much more given that the writer is covering a global event. This feels amateurish. Not really sure why gsmarena hired you in the first place.

  • Mello

It's always a good thing to see someone enthusiastic about something he/she likes. Kudos to the writer - keep up the good work.

Good tech is good tech, no matter what company makes it - or how many companies make it. Let's remember to give some credit where it's due.


Loved your Article, and I must say that you're living the dream I want to have one day. (It's getting sooner I must mention :) )
Living in New York, having a passion for lets say 'gadgets' and getting opportunities to go and play with a wide variety of products as a journalist, and then share them on one of the most popular, reliable site.

Keep up the hard work, you just got yourself another follower here on GSMA :)

  • gadgetlover

Chen, 09 Jan 2016OMG! your article is like reading the script of a soap opera, Ri... morewhy don't u stop your whining!
get a life

  • Anonymous

max, 09 Jan 2016Yup,Ricky is hot.No homo though!..... "No Comment"

lol I commented

  • AnonD-451321

I loved the article, every single part of it! It's visible that Ricky is enjoying himself very much and has a passion for his work. This is how someone should feel about his job. Keep it up, Ricky, I'm sure you'll be successful! :)

  • Chen

OMG! your article is like reading the script of a soap opera, Ricky.
Stick to tech stuff and quit including your personal life. You whine tooo much.
Nice pix though.

  • max

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2016Damn Ricky! u r hot ! Yup,Ricky is hot.No homo though!

  • Anonymous

Damn Ricky! u r hot !