Nokia 230 24K-gold-plating costs more than the phone, still worth it

09 January, 2016
Vietnamese luxury specialists Karalux will do the job for you for $67.

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  • praviin

ntroduce 230 nokia dual sim in gold variant plz.........

  • Andrew

i like nokia 230, i want to bought it, where can i got it. i am stay around rustenburg.

  • Usaid

Nokia please bring back s60 platform in these sets instead of s40/50.
Nokia lovers are still waiting for the release of the handset of Nokia with s60 platform.

  • krishna

Introduce 230 nokia dual sim in gold variant plz.........

  • anonymous

kme khalil, 11 Jan 2016Nokia, We thinks it's very important that providing a simp... moreRIP english

  • Tin machine

Never stop buying Nokia...

  • kme khalil

We thinks it's very important that providing a simple, slim & standard size keypad hand set. which covered all over networking for cell phone call, sms & notification as required by other user. but we hope your goals.

  • alier

how about the next generation of xpress music...its the best!

  • michael

laadi, 10 Jan 2016stop buying nokiaNokia phones are the strongest dude. Even if you throw one at the wall it would still work. So yeah better suck it up.

  • AnonD-486977

Thank for your great feedback.

  • tungpcf

Rigel, 10 Jan 2016Black is beautiful. I want the screen 360x480 then 16milli... moreThank you so much

NOKIA - Timeless, enduring quality.
there is something to be said for these type of phones. Bench-mark of yesteryear and still every bit as functional for today. Fun, simple, convenient, clean elegant and built to last. People had bit more of a life instead of always being magnated to the constant pull of social media and touch screens where they are pawed and stroked and cant do without.
Cant wait to see what innovation comes later this year with Nokia away for the crowd.

What I dream of is a really good phone but it should not ne touch screen.. Like N series..

  • Sebastian

alpha beta gaga, 10 Jan 2016does it support whatsapp?No

  • Anonymous

waste of resources, suppose to be symbian or android not java version.Java!! To me is nothing

  • laadi

stop buying nokia

does it support whatsapp?

  • Rigel

Black is beautiful.
I want the screen 360x480 then 16million color capacity. And i will buy it.

  • microsuck

microsoft still not releasing 300 series nokia which is better because it has 3G, nokia s40

  • shubham

How many prise in Nokia 24K gold plated please send me sir