Nokia 230 24K-gold-plating costs more than the phone, still worth it

09 January, 2016
Vietnamese luxury specialists Karalux will do the job for you for $67.

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  • ithehappy

AnonD-105795, 09 Jan 2016how ppl use facebook if there no wifi or 3g ? btw phone loo... moreNot everyone is obsessed with Facebook as you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2016^^ Better from Sony & Samsung? Seriously? Just becau... moreThe design really looks much better (even without gold plating) compared to Samsung's/Sony's "smartphones".
Also, another big plus is that it's not running Android. The smartphones market would be much better if Android didn't exist at all.

  • Anonymous


Better from Sony & Samsung? Seriously? Just because it's Gold Plated doesn't mean it's great! Looks are not everything by the way. I wouldn't spend lots of money on such a thing.

  • Anonymous

I'd love a feature phone,smartphones have been bugging me off late. Showing how smart they are, and pathetic battery. Nokia 3310 with at most £10 seems crazy (no seriously).

  • Anonymous

make sense.
since Nokia feature phones are usually last (almost) forever.
so it would be good investment to cover it with gold

This is actually pretty cool...if I got a feature phone, it would be one of these!

  • AnonD-105795

how ppl use facebook if there no wifi or 3g ? btw phone looks very nice.

  • Anonymous

Back then it built to last but now everything made in china with plastic

  • Anonymous

Old is Gold

  • Anonymous

Impressive! This even looks better than all of Samsung's and Sony's "smartphones".

  • pitts

How much the ordinary nokia 230 in Canada?

  • AnonD-476425

q8peace, 09 Jan 2016a phone that nobody want to buy itread the comments troller

  • Anonymous

Hail Nokia and the Vietnamese people who put the effort to make this happen !

  • Anonymous

I can't wait for new nokia smartphone. I hope they make it something like nokia n9, different and unique smartphone not from this world. I am tired of all other OS and I want something new, simple, elegant and fresh in hardware and software departments :).

  • Anonymous

still looks better than some flagship phones

  • muya

I want one! Malaysia fans.

  • Anonymous

It looks pretty much amazing, for 67 bucks, I'd get one for sure. As a backup phone of course, though the eye-candy would make me use it more often than I'd use an ordinary backup.

Luxury phone of the year.

AnonD-411799, 09 Jan 2016bring that to India! it would be hard to distinguish real g... moreso true.....

  • AnonD-411799

bring that to India! it would be hard to distinguish real gold vs fake gold plate!