Apple isn't working on a tool that would help people switch from iOS to Android

12 January, 2016
A couple of days ago a report came out saying that Apple was working on a tool that would make it easier for people to switch from iOS to Android. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, it didn't seem to make much sense. Why would Apple make it easy for its customers to switch to a competitor's mobile platform? If anything, so far the company has focused on doing the opposite thing - namely, helping people leave Android for iOS. It even has an app for that.

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AnonD-4254, 15 Jan 2016Somehow I find this Lex dude convincing! I think he's right... moreThanks

You've hit the nail on the head. A person can switch from Android to iOS and yet still continue to use Google's services and Google themselves still benefit.

Ok, if you asked Sundar Pichai where he'd prefer you were accessing your Gmail from, I'm sure he'd say an Android device, but as long as it's Gmail your using he'd likely be ok with it.

I'm a perfect example, even though I'm currently using iOS, I still use Google's services quite heavily, my email account is a gmail one, I prefer Google maps to Apple maps (though it has improved), I still buy all my movies and TV shows through Play Movies, and still tend to use the Google search app to look things up.

Switching from iOS to Android costs Apple pretty much everything, ok you can now continue to use Apple Music on Android, but that is the only exception really.

  • AnonD-4254

Lex79, 12 Jan 2016It makes sense when you think about it. Google don't car... moreSomehow I find this Lex dude convincing! I think he's right!

Apple will not gain anything, in fact they will only lose, because Google keeps its interaction on forever... Apple can't.

  • AnonD-418895

Lex79, 12 Jan 2016It makes sense when you think about it. Google don't car... moregood point...

  • Anonymous

Typhoon, 12 Jan 2016Android is junk..I defected from Nexus to IP6 with no regre... moreHhahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa what a joke

  • imbaDOTA2player

For me it is so ridiculous for android to create an app to switch their users to iPhone. Since Apple is their competitor they shouldn't let developers create an app to switch people from other company.

  • Typhoon

Android is junk..I defected from Nexus to IP6 with no regret..My ip6/Apple watch combo experience has been amazing..

AnonD-418895, 12 Jan 2016Seriously, what an awful company ;p... It makes sense when you think about it.

Google don't care as much about Android as they do about having your information, and you using their services (Gmail, Maps, Search etc). As such they have shown quite a deep level of support for iOS.

It doesn't matter to Google whether you are accessing their services via Android or iOS, so a tool to make migration of your Google data to iOS, thus helping to ensure you continue to use their services is just good business for them.

Google make nothing off of Android itself, it's open source, it's just your data they want. Apple by contrast are a hardware manufacturer first, they make their money primarily out of the hardware they sell.

So it wouldn't really at this point be much of a good move for Apple to make it more convenient for consumers to move to Android, as they have nothing to gain and everything to loose from such a move. Google however can in theory make just as much money out of an iOS user as they do an Android user.

So it just highlights the fact that whilst people are caught up fighting the time old (and frankly at this stage, Boring) Android vs iOS war, they forget that Google and Apple are two completely different businesses.


Something tells me that in a few years from now the government will mandate that are tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Blackberry have such a app in case you wish to transfer to another company without losing your content.

  • AnonD-418895

Seriously, what an awful company ;p...

  • AnonD-9000

those are just in Android users' dreams lol

  • Anonymous

There is already an Android app for that, as it should be. Apple has an app to convert to iPhone, and Android has an app to convert to Android. Are people dumb? Should we pressure Android to make an app to convert to iPhone? lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-152638, 12 Jan 2016It does sound weird at first. But it would not have been en... moreThey make it so difficult for people to leave and once people leave they'll be afraid to come back. On the other hand, switching between different brands within Android is a breeze.

  • AnonD-362866

Carriers don't have the power to put Apple under pressure. The only way it would happen is if a federal judge deems it necessary.

  • AnonD-152638

It does sound weird at first. But it would not have been entirerly impossible.

Apple often rates high on customer satisfaction, so developing a tool that makes it easy for customers to try other OSes, would make those users, leave with a good experience.

And if Apple is convinced their OS really is better than the rest, then they should feel pretty confident that people would then come back to iOS.

And if peoples last experience when leaving Apple was a good one, that would make them more likely to come back.

There will always be people that want to try other OSes (devices) by one reason or another. People that don't expect it to be hard to make the move, or those willing to try anyhow.

Making people feel like you made it really hard to switch, just as a way to keep customers, does leave people with a bad taste in their mouth.

So it would actually make some sense.
That does not mean that I would belive a rumour that said that Apple were doing it, I would doubt that rumour strongly.
So that it turns out to be false is no surprise, but had it been true, it would have made some sense.

  • Muthu

Muthu, 12 Jan 2016Well said. Yes, even in my wildest of dreams, I would expec... moreSorry, Read it as - I would NOT expect them to do it.

  • Muthu

AnonD-221755, 11 Jan 2016I dont like apple, but seriously, why should they do that? ... moreWell said. Yes, even in my wildest of dreams, I would expect Apple to do that. If anything, it is google/Android OEM's responsibility to develop such a tool, if there is any real great need for it.

  • AnonD-1825

"There is no truth to this rumor". "We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great"

Well played :)

  • AnonD-206412

Motorola migrate. . . and ifan people would say. . .guys we innovated/invented again. . .

for android its simple, if android will not make tool from android to iOS then people will make lol. Apple can manipulate this shit now.

  • Anonymous

title makes no sense why would apple want to lose their users to android