LG Nexus 5X now starts at $349

12 January, 2016
If you've been wanting to grab an LG Nexus 5X but so far haven't had the chance, this will surely make you happy. Google has announced that starting today, this smartphone becomes cheaper. Mind you, this doesn't seem to be a limited-time promo, rather the Nexus 5X now has new pricing to speak of.

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  • Anonymous

its bcos of the overpricing for the low specs mobile, nobody bought it, now they are realizing that its not selling as expected, they are reducing the cost now :-), shame on you money hungry fellas.....

  • Lapax

The Nexus 6 is available for $249.99 on Amazon for the Midnight Blue or Cloud White in 32GB configurations or $299.99 for the 64GB model in only Cloud White.

  • Nexus 6

motorola is much better, its ok with higher price

Too late and too big. Be it 4,6-4,7'' and $350 out from beginning it would be popular.