Lenovo Lemon 3 launched with SD616 SoC, 1080p display

13 January, 2016
The device carries a price tag of RMB 699 (around $105) in China.

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  • AnonD-425324

Is it just me, or do new phones these days resemble iphone's!? This thing looks hideous! SD616.? Yuk! And a 2750mAh battery.? PLEASE!! Just start again! OMG!!

  • rahul

all off is good bt ist ram is veryyy low so

  • saroj nayak

Price plz

  • Anonymous

How much cost

  • shobank

Price details needed.

  • ali


  • AnonD-157510

Poor lenovo... If this phone has been launched three days back this could have gained a huge hype and fame. But eventhough this mobile has the exact specs(screen higher ppi and lower battery) i doubt that redmi 3 has stolen its show...

  • yash mandviya

Wich price..?

  • AnonD-487959

What?? Lenovo can make this beauty device in just $105, same as that of Redmi 3?
Direct competition begins, head to head starts....
The winners are WE, the users :p
Thanks to Lenovo and Xiaomi in advance.

  • neontetra

im sorry i just couldn't buy a phone named lemon. since a lemon is what you call a piece of junk in the us.

  • AnonD-487038

RIP batteries..
OT, why no release them in 4.5 inches, don't care wether HD/fullHD. just want budget phone with decent soc

  • galaxos

galaxy s3 neo prime lite plus 4g duos is better choice than this phone

  • AnonD-62471

still REDMI 3 is better choice, since it has higher battery capacity and xiaomi phones offers better camera clarity and also xiaomi has good developer supports.. my choice redmi 3 only please announce it in india

  • AnonD-203815

mymora88, 13 Jan 2016Last paragraph refers to Xiaomi Redmi 3 witch spots 720p screen.... moreYes... and I already said sorry...
My apologies again...

This is no way a match to redmi 3 in anyway just the 1080p screen which is useless and drains battery and Lenovo just dosent release kernal sources for any of its devices hence anyone who buys this will be stuck on the Android version which it comes with and the hideous vibe ui and don't expect any updates from Lenovo as for Xiaomi it has a huge open source community and xiaomi has release kernal sources for all their phone starting from the mi3 hence expect lots of aosp roms if you don't like the feel of miui.

  • mymora88

AnonD-203815, 13 Jan 2016So... what's the real score, a 5-inch Full HD display (1st parag... moreLast paragraph refers to Xiaomi Redmi 3 witch spots 720p screen. Read carefully man :)

  • AnonD-234961

Interesting alternative to Xiaomi Redmi 3. I for one, would choose the 4100 mAh battery of the Redmi 3 over a full HD 5" screen, but others may choose otherwise. Too bad the Redmi 3 has a girl-oriented pattern on the back cover...:)

  • AnonD-203815

AnonD-203815, 13 Jan 2016So... what's the real score, a 5-inch Full HD display (1st parag... moreOK... I get it.... My bad.... Sorry, gsmarena

  • AnonD-203815

So... what's the real score, a 5-inch Full HD display (1st paragraph) or a 720p display (last paragraph)?

  • Anonymous

Akhil, 13 Jan 2016Ho Ho Ho watch out Redmi 3... your nemesis is here. With Full... more2750mah battery for fullHD? Be ready to bring ur own bulky brick of powerbank