Xiaomi expands to UAE, Saudi Arabia to follow

14 January, 2016
A Mi 4i will set you back AED 899 ($245), while the Mi Note phablet goes for AED 1699 ($465).

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  • a raza b

Reyan, 24 Jan 2016Hey Asfandyar! Xiaomi is selling his products thru Etisal... morewhere i bay redmi note 7 in saudi arabia

  • Guilford

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. I see that the phone do not make system upgrade. I contact Xiaomi service. They recommend me to unlock the phone. In same time I posted at MI forum my problem. Surprise: my phone don't have an official ROM ! How was possible?
Anyway , the conclusion is: the service don't help with nothing, they suggest to post ypur problem at forum. At form is not Xiaomi responsibility ! And very important: the phone are coming with MIUI like system not with Android. MIUI is a big failure!

  • Reyan

Asfandyar, 14 Jan 2016What the hell? Why is the price so high compared to India ?... moreHey Asfandyar!
Xiaomi is selling his products thru Etisalat with local one year warranty. I think thats why the prices are lil bit high

  • Anonymous

they are dumping those older model out to make room for newer ones as competition in china is getting very intense. six month old model is consider outdated, xiaomi is releasing phones every 3 months now.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is locking its bootloader now.....

  • AnonD-417519

if xiaomi has entered the arabian region before huawei , it would have gained the popularity of the chinese company Huawei
sadly now it, after huawei had possessed a good proportion of the profit in this region , Xiaomi will fail like oppo in the arabian region

Xiaomi moved too late

  • AnonD-119024

Over priced. xiaomi redmi note 3 is available for 629 to 800 aed in uae. :D

  • Anonymous

mi 4i is already available in saudi arabia for 799 SAR online and 849 in stores

  • Asfandyar

What the hell? Why is the price so high compared to India ? Mi4i is available on Flipkart for 12000INR which equals to only 645AED.

  • AnonD-488529

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2016It's about time Xiaomi. I've been waiting for you. Im in Du... moreme too,haha

Eeeeeeeh! Xiaomi, when are you going to launch other Xiaomi phones (e.g. Redmi note2, Redmi 3, Redmi note3, etc) in Africa?

  • Anonymous

It's about time Xiaomi. I've been waiting for you. Im in Dubai. Im more interested in the Mi Note Pro! Super excited. Hope the front and back camera is superb!

thanks redactor for fixing grammar issue and removing my comment :D

Anyways its great that xiaomi is actually expanding. I wish it releasing phones in Europe easily. Samsung is just too expensive and that bloatware and touchwizz combo is not great really. I would definitely buy flagship Chinese here in lithuania. Chinese companies are just like Apple - makes lower resolution phones to have better performance and I like 1080p screen. Less pixels, less heat, less problems, less battery drain just in exchange to lower resolution :)

  • Jeff

Please sell the TVs as well...

  • iYousif

No TVs?

  • AnonD-396546

And what about pakistan.