LG G5 to come at MWC, take on the Galaxy S7

15 January, 2016
An LG executive is firm that this year "LG Electronics is ready to take on Samsung."

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-308243, 15 Jan 2016no they want to make a children's specs showdown with tiny GPU'S... moreApple software is not well optimized, it's simply less capable. Stop with this myth already. Android a lot less battery for the amount of processes it runs (which are an order of magnitude more than apple's)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-488912, 15 Jan 2016eagerly waiting for G5 hope this information come true my only... moreIt's removable, simply buy a spare. It's better for removable batteries to be small so that to be easier to carry a spare.

  • Anonymous

I thing they'll use SD650 chipset on G5 :)

  • AnonD-426158

AnonD-458996, 16 Jan 2016Lg is just using Samsung's name to get popular. Clean up your ug... moreYou dont experienced or owned Lg device that why you said that...Lg ui is the best in the world lol

  • AnonD-426158

Please Lg make colouful variant front panel for g5.dont just black colour! Remember that if you want your g5 to get a trillion sell worldwide

  • AnonD-304028

It's too big at 5.6". They need to make a smaller version at 5.2" but with same specs. Also they need to redo their UI( stock android would be the best).

  • dg prasath

playForever, 15 Jan 2016 Wow!, 1.2" sensor, are you sure ? It's 1/2 inch sensor

  • AnonD-361638

Not a single TVC for G4 in India.they should sponsor any cricket series for G5.otherwise not many will buy it.promotions r must in todays world. Even ip6s gives too much TVC here.

  • AnonD-60521

not just take on by launching the phone at same time,,,,,,they also need to do the aggressive TVC advertisement...........

  • Phone ninija

JT, 15 Jan 2016The accesories, man. They are very few options at least in the U... moreIn NZ too man. Way to little. A lot available on ebay or aliexpress

  • Anonymous

Can't wait for my iphone s6+ edge lol

  • AnonD-482637

please improvement in battery !

  • AnonD-445968

Why do I feel like the G5 will be the last of the G series? I mean the V10 seems to offer flagship specs...

No unlocked bootloader, no purchase.

  • Anonymous

The removable battery is not about removable battery, it's about the consumers' right to own the battery instead of service centres.

  • Anonymous

Will the battery be improved then...

  • AnonD-458996

Lg is just using Samsung's name to get popular. Clean up your ugly UI first...

  • goathoar

it has to be about time for one of those to come with a frontal triple LED flash already, dontcha think? i mean, for real...probably none of those but idk...

  • Madmax

Super nothing less

  • Anonymous

Honestly Hearing about this phone has me pumped up and very anxious
Ive never even owned an LG phone but this phone sounds EPIC I might turn
into an LG fan boy if this phone becomes as big as it sounds