Lumia 950 also back in stock at US and Canadian Microsoft Stores

16 January, 2016
This comes just days after the device's larger cousin - the Lumia 950 XL - returned to the company's online stores in these countries.

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  • AnonD-146040

I hope the hardware problem is gone this time. This phone suppose to be a good one. Expensive but good product.


Series Lumia 950 / .950-X is successful . I hope that Microsoft will make products even better , and decent price

  • AnonD-234961

Waiting for the $99 fire sale.

  • AnonD-82281

wp_lover, 16 Jan 2016The phone is really good except its poor battery life. The next ... moreI'm lucky I don't have the battery issue anymore. I can easily stretch across 2 days without charging, and probably go for a 3rd. The OS itself does need some more fine tuning I agree, however no problems with app loading times here. The only thing I miss is auto quiet hours.

  • AnonD-40735

Every day ads from microsoft. Wp never again.....

  • wp_lover

The phone is really good except its poor battery life. The next big flaw of Lumia is OS itself. I love the UI. It is too simple. Almost every app flow same design principle. So not confusing. But limited functionality is the bad thing. Lumia hands always say that OS doesn't require higher configuration hardware. But trust me it can perform much faster with better hardware configuration.. App loading speed is very slow. App developers not showing interest to develop app for the platform. They just make it for the sake of having. I have found all the necessary apps in all the platform. So for me apps is not a problem...

  • Anonymous

I love lumia. it's like apple. :D