All OnePlus orders above $100 get free shipping

18 January, 2016
Effectively, free shipping on all smartphone orders.

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  • AnonD-496024

AJ_74, 18 Jan 2016I ordered a $3 replacement part from China and got free shipoing... moreHi AJ,
Would you please share the website through which u ordered the replacement parts, as I am in need of few.
Thnak you.

  • AnonD-434020

It's nothing special that chinese seller offers free shipping (aliexpress, ebay sellers etc.). But that's because of financial grants of Chinese government. OnePlus just do not have that privilege. But is there any other smartphone producer that have so (Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple, ...) ?

  • AnonD-443510

Come on OnePlus ! you are not the greatest company . Nobody wants your phone with your dreaded invite system. Free shipping for a 300$ device should have been the part of the deal in the first place. Dont fool us with your cheap ass tactics ! Duh

  • AJ_74

I ordered a $3 replacement part from China and got free shipoing. $10 cases too. How is giving free shipping on a $300+ purchase a deal?

OnePlus, take your heads out of your asses.

  • nostradamus

Company ONE.... later awaken...:)

  • nickarad

A strategy thought. But maybe saddle conquest ?

  • Skyfall

Interesting. These phone are good. But it was better if decline price..:)

  • Anonymous

very nice. might consider 1+3

  • Anonymous

An invite is required to get free shipping though.

  • Anonymous

You need an invite to get free shipping though.