Motorola's 'shatterproof' Moto X Force landing in India soon

19 January, 2016
The company's India Twitter account has posted a new teaser confirming the same.

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  • saurav

Wow I M waiting.......

  • raghu

Wow moto is the inventor of mobile phones...
X vl b also one of the best product among them..

  • krish


  • Anonymous


  • Marshall

Looking nice phone i want to bye this phone but it should be in the affortable price, any one know that what will be the expected price of this phone.....? i waiting for your comment thank you....!

  • DrAhmedkhan

Unbreakable very nice I like it


Motorola is honest company in the world & moto make super product.

  • sandeep

Its goog I like it

  • Anonymous

himanshu, 19 Jan 2016I am waiting this mobile phone. i want this mobile. nice mobile... moreWaiting for this mobile phone, too, because this nice mobile phone is better than all people

  • Raj singh

I like moto 😍👍

  • Anonymous

I like it. It's very useful for me this is unbreakable.

  • himanshu

I am waiting this mobile phone. i want this mobile. nice mobile for all people. This mobile is better than all mobile phone

  • Anonymous

Nice pic

  • ICE

Careful everyone, N1 advised you not to go rock climbing with your X Force (or was it the Droid Turbo 2), having it accidentally fall out of your pocket and then accidentally drop face first onto a rock from "a height" (depending how brave you are), it will dent the display or the front cover, like inwards or something, damaging the internals, or something, it's like 100% guaranteed to ruin the touch sense. Amazing. Also, keep hammers away from the phone and keep the phone away from hammers, which ever one applies...

  • ICE

AnonD-337832, 19 Jan 2016i never spoke about accidental damage in any of my comment, you ... moreOh dear shame. In the case of the X Force, they only test that was able to actually dent the display cover/protector, was the hammer! I bet dropping that phone face first onto a rock, as you say, won't do any damage, or dent the display or cause the touch sense to stop, as you say. Again, F = m x a. The hammer weighs a lot more than the phone, get it? I guess not. Maybe you routinely drop hammers on phones?

  • AnonD-337832

ICE, 19 Jan 2016Lol, you say accidental drop but you post a video of the phone b... morei never spoke about accidental damage in any of my comment, you were the one started it saying "how can a phone take a dent by accidental drop ?" my comment clearly says begins with when the phone damages it ruins the insides as it takes a dent!!! first read what people comment and yes i know how the physics laws work when the phone accidentally falls, it doesnt have to be a hammer to get a dent on the screen a fall on a rock or stone from a height will do it just enough, and you think f=m*a works only with hammer? revise what you studied or skipped while studying!!! lmao

  • ICE

AnonD-337832, 19 Jan 2016 do some homework be... moreLol, you say accidental drop but you post a video of the phone being hit with a hammer! Of course it will dent. You can't compare a hammer blow with an accidental drop, there is a lot more energy behind a hammer blow. Do you understand physics... "F = m x a" ? Do one calculation using the mass of the phone and a second calculation using the mass of the hammer where 'a' is the same in both formulas. By the way, the X Force is the international version of the Droid Turbo 2, essentially exactly the same phone.

  • AnonD-337832

SDB, 19 Jan 2016Dent!! Do you have any idea what it is to dent a screen.. It wil... more
yes i have idea how to dent a screen! and you are not the only one who can think about it there are people who know how to dent a phone other than just you!!! i wont be in kitchen all day playing with utensils as some people do!!! i never said by accidental drops the phone's screen gets a dent! do some homework before thinking about proving someone wrong, read what they have typed before making something up which is not atall in the comment, god save the cook!!!

  • AnonD-337832

ICE, 19 Jan 2016Then maybe you need to look at the 900 foot (275m) drop test...t... more
do some homework before proving someone wrong, moto x force has used similar technology which was used in Motorola Droid Turbo 2!!! and also i never said the phone's screen gets a dent by accidental drops!! what im saying is when phone is under brutal test like when phone falls on a stone or rock from a height it develops a dent

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

It's much needed there, afterall, according to Android Magazine Indians are the clumsiest smartphone users in the world with 65% having experienced a cracked or broken screen.