Oppo's ColorOS 3.0 enters beta testing

19 January, 2016
Only Chinese Oppo Forum members who own the company's R7 Plus smartphone are currently eligible to join the beta testing program.

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  • AnonD-582331

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2016excellent Send me link os 3,0 oppo r7s

  • AnonD-531509

how much time require to launch for international user????

  • AnonD-503765

Find7a can get this color os 3.0 update?
I will taste this update.

  • AnonD-90571

wish mirror5 will get it....

  • AnonD-487957


  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-365301

oppo sucks on updating their low end to mid devices, my gf has an neo3 that was sold since 2014 and still running 4.2, compared to my meizu m1note(2014) running 5.1 and they costed the same. Come on oppo, almost every device from other oems' from 2014 is on kitkat atleast.

  • AnonD-402029

Oppo: SD 615/616 lol

  • Anon 2

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2016who caresMay be the 100 people who have purchased Oppo will care

  • Anonymous

oppo isn't relevant anymore

  • FrostPE

Which phones will reach this update? R7Plus only or the others (R5/R5s, N3)...

  • Anonymous

who cares