Motorola posts Android 6.0 release notes for Moto G (2nd Gen)

20 January, 2016
This comes just a day after the Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition started receiving the Android 6.0 update in India.

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  • 3Jg
  • 23 Oct 2016

Iktasha, 19 Jul 2016It's d worst phone I ever had in my life.when I upgrade it ... moreI updated my Motorola mmoto G 2nd generation 4G LTE to Android 6.0 and it now switches off many times a day. I only bought the phone 13 months ago from Tesco. I took it back to tesco but they cannot resolve the problem. Is there a bug introduced on downloading updated Android 6.0 version. It had no problems before this.

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    • android 6 worst
    • Cbj
    • 26 Jul 2016

    Ankit, 09 Mar 2016i have a moto G2 and i was install 6.0 last friday the mob... moreI had updated Moto G 2_android 6 version... It's very worst...
    I'm unable to use properly even can't open contacts
    Frequently getting hanging...
    How to resolve this problem??
    If I go for restore any damage to internal memory n other files ??

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      • Iktasha
      • Hkt
      • 19 Jul 2016

      It's d worst phone I ever had in my life.when I upgrade it to android 6 it's mother board got damaged and my phone gets switched off thousand times a day in its own...I would recommend everyone not to buy Motorola's phone ever..only it's KitKat version software works good rests give shit performance.

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        • AMRUT
        • XPw
        • 11 Jun 2016

        I have also updated my Moto G-2 for Android-6. Iam facing Battery Back-up & Camara problem... Very worst experiance guys...

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          • thomason59er
          • nE$
          • 02 Jun 2016

          Tosh, 24 Mar 2016you have to set usb-connection option available at pull-dow... moreIs there any way to set this as a permanent option, instead of having to do this every time I connect? Wasn't a problem with Android 5; why break something that worked fine?
          Also, why do I have to see the SD card banner, every time I switch the phone on? I know there's a card in it!

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            • AnonD-541528
            • pu7
            • 26 May 2016

            Arif238, 20 Jan 2016Anybody know how to unroot and relock the bootloder of moto... morehii
            u got solution for this

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              • pete
              • sX1
              • 25 Mar 2016

              how can I parr my new phone into my car radio which is a pioneer dex dab as it tells me to parr in with a number but no where on my radio is there any where to apply it

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                • Tosh
                • gFR
                • 24 Mar 2016

                Tom, 14 Mar 2016After upgrading to Android 6, I cannot read anything on my ... moreyou have to set usb-connection option available at pull-down menu when you have connected

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                  • Tom
                  • EKb
                  • 14 Mar 2016

                  After upgrading to Android 6, I cannot read anything on my Moto G 2nd gen. through USB from my computer.

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                    • Ankit
                    • Khh
                    • 09 Mar 2016

                    i have a moto G2 and i was install 6.0 last friday
                    the mob is not working properly
                    contact and some task cant sync
                    google play book error comes more and more tym
                    btry bkup not good
                    i m waiting for new update without bugs other wise i will restore 5.1
                    all over marshmallow 6.0 hs bugs in Moto G2, G3, X-Play i show the marshmallow 6.0 is not working in this mobs

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                      • skaru
                      • Dph
                      • 08 Mar 2016

                      I update my Moto G 2° generation (4G LTE) to Android 6.0 last week.
                      I shouldn't ... since my phone is very slow, battery is leaking like hell, some applications (like Facebook) sometime didn't start or just quit.

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                        • mod
                        • f0E
                        • 21 Feb 2016

                        AnonD-502999, 18 Feb 2016Hey guys, Why i didnt receive and update from motorola ?... moreBeen waiting too...

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                          • P Ram
                          • rxi
                          • 20 Feb 2016

                          Hi Friends this is not and not bad average only, old versions ...................

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                            • AnonD-502999
                            • fvx
                            • 18 Feb 2016

                            Hey guys,

                            Why i didnt receive and update from motorola ? I have been waiting for ages and still no updates wtf is going on ?
                            Help plz

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                              • AnonD-502999
                              • fvx
                              • 18 Feb 2016

                              duttandy, 08 Feb 2016The moto software updates site says the moto g 2nd gen andr... moreSame i didn't receive any update idk why :/

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                                • Prasad
                                • X}{
                                • 14 Feb 2016

                                My mobile updated to android 6.0 no UI changes and no such major difference

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 7um
                                  • 12 Feb 2016

                                  i`m waiting for update of last 2 month . Now it finally come ...........6.0.....updating.....

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                                    • Narendra
                                    • b$L
                                    • 12 Feb 2016

                                    I am using Moto g2 and i updated to 6.0 version . Nothing much changed

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • t}D
                                      • 10 Feb 2016

                                      Nothing will Earse

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                                        • AnonD-499293
                                        • KSt
                                        • 10 Feb 2016

                                        AnonD-499282, 10 Feb 2016Migrating to marshmallow (Android 6.0) was quite smooth on ... moredoes the upgrade erase data?