Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) specs spotted on GFXBench

20 January, 2016
The device has double the RAM of its predecessor and a higher resolution display.

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  • vikas

I hope same price samsung j7 2016

  • vinay

i want to buy j7 it was good or not pls help me

  • Anonymous

what price

  • Anonymous

can someone anwer my questions... some peolpe said this phone has a low chip gpu, but im using the s4 now im comparate an this phone has better chip proccessor, my question is .. the s4 is amazing il old now but for my rock.. this phone has the same perfomance of my old s4 or it has low perfomance. please anwser>>>thanks

  • Legend

Should have gotten a battery upgrade and a finger print sensor like A7 (2016)
Is there going to be a Dual sim option ?

  • naruto

this phone has fingerprint or not?

Why stress such a weak GPU at Full HD res ? Well, a right price tag might just offset its downsides.

  • AnonD-401822

AnonD-43988, 20 Jan 2016Pretty decent upgrade..... just wish the processor was also upgr... morePrice will be double upgraded

  • AnonD-43988

Pretty decent upgrade..... just wish the processor was also upgraded to Snapdragon 650.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-401822, 20 Jan 2016Full hd screeen leads to more battery power consumptionnot necessarily if the phone have been optimized for better battery life but since it's a budget phone from Samsung then you may have a point :)

  • AnonD-401822

Full hd screeen leads to more battery power consumption

  • Anonymous

AnonD-402029, 20 Jan 2016and maybe double the price?I was just thinking of the same thing :) Samsung way of doing things

  • Sebstin

Any idea on J2 (2016) version?.. Hope that will be same as 2015 model with 1.5GB RAM & 8MP+ camera.

  • cdcsd

Just make the price more reasonable

  • refftd

Samsung, just make the price reasonable and I will buy it.

  • dark01

finally, i hope the price isnt that high.. :)

  • AnonD-402029

and maybe double the price?