Apple's next 4-incher now tipped to be named iPhone 5se, iPhone 6/6s hardware inside

23 January, 2016
Sources say it will be powered by the A8 chip and come with the 8MP/1.2MP camera combo.

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why to buy it when discounted iphone 5s cost 377€ and battery hold 1/2 days
same old 4 year old 8pix camera absolute not improved since iphone 4s just using thinner lens

  • AnonD-494738

How will you do live photos?

  • Billy

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2016Actually guys, they're PHABLETS. Absolutely detest the word. ... moreNo matter how others see it I always view phablets as retarded mix of phone and tablet which is neither a good phone nor a good tablet.
Phablets suck!

  • Anonymous

Billy, 15 Feb 2016My name ain't bully, it's Billy. Looks like you sir are an old ... moreActually guys, they're PHABLETS.

Absolutely detest the word.

But yeah, they're doing this because it's basically a smaller iPhone 6.

Eyesight aside, I'm 23 and can't be dealing with big screens.

Got an S3 at the moment. 4.8". Too big. If I can't touch the top left corner with the thumb when I'm holding the bottom of the phone, it's too big.

It's one of the complaints I had about the 6 working in a phoneshop is that it's a good phone and all, but quite a lot of people hate having phones bigger than their hands.

With any luck though, it'll mean a lower cost.

I mean Christ, it's an iPhone. It's not like you're paying for the components.

  • Billy

AnonD-64662, 15 Feb 2016They dont make phones for those who full or half vision dear bul... moreMy name ain't bully, it's Billy.
Looks like you sir are an old man indeed with bad eyesight, no wonder you need a big phone.
I understand old guys like you find it real tough to squint their eyes while using small screened phones.

  • AnonD-64662

Billy, 15 Feb 2016A lot of people here are confused why we wanna buy a 4-inch phon... moreThey dont make phones for those who full or half vision dear bully. It is need of times. Still 6 inchers are hardly anywhere phones and are tablets to be precise. Still my point in case was that Apple should have a richer basket and try cater to all of us 4 5 or similar other popular size likers, in that it will make sense to their coffers, and no pain to our eyesight too even afterall all of are goong to be there sooner than you thought!

  • Billy

A lot of people here are confused why we wanna buy a 4-inch phone, well let me clear your confusion.
It's because we ain't old like y'all, our eyesight is still good, we ain't got no use of big screen on our phones.
Besides that we don't walk around with man purses or fanny packs, so no sir, we don't need big phones.

AnonD-64662, 13 Feb 2016I am waiting for a 5 incher from them which is a very ideal size... moreif they make 6inch it wont be retina with this tiny resolution they have to change it into full hd
and resolution > performance - battery
yeah apple scared to turn full hd thats why they run into 4 inch 1/2 fhd resolution agian
ppl are scared of size of iphone 6 plus with bazels

  • AnonD-64662

I am waiting for a 5 incher from them which is a very ideal size for medium sized hands and make it bezel less with great camera and music capabilities in addition to the spec jargon the whole industry is ablaze all the tome. I wonder how they could not see any reason in this golden means type of screen size which will come to settle more or less around 5 inch display in the coming times !

6s got smaller battery nothing changed on camera same as ip 6 in 2015
now new 6c or 5csesc version will have all stupid known things from 4s inside + smaller display + smaller battery + double DOUBLE 1/2 of full hd resolution HAHHAHAHA
i just wish someday ANDROID can get APPLE BACK CAMERA thats only reason why id choose next iphone

but who cares for 740 euto i can buy pro pro pro camera + mobile phone with 8mp front camera and IM DONE !

  • Eddie

I kind of like this idea. I wear my phone (5s) most of the time in my pockets and its big enough and comfortable. I tried the iphone 6 and even though it is a fantastic phone it's very uncomfortable for me (too big). I will definitely upgrade to this. Smart move. More options for everybody with the same technology of the iphone 6. Love it!!

  • LLL0o0LLL

i will buy it
awesome baw..

  • kartik sharma

4 inch ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! with iphone 6,6s hardware in side !!!!!!!!!!

bull shit

i don"t like this !!!!

  • Kalalun

This is just tutti!

  • Giganon

Perry, 25 Jan 2016Here is Apple's plan: They recognize that there is a strong d... moreDumb decision for a 4 inch fone to have a high end hardware since u wil not benefit its full potential on a small screen

  • J

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2016Safari browser on iOS comes with a reading mode that removes ads... moreMaps and video are not good on small screen

  • Anonymous

A, 25 Jan 2016Who caresI care

  • Pj

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2016Not everyone likes a BIG phone despite everyone enjoys multimedi... moreBigger the screen better the experience. Why can't apple fit a 4.5 or 4.7 inch in the same size of a 4 inch phone? Smaller bezels will not hinder the handling of the phone or result in accidental touches.

  • oh yes

A, 25 Jan 2016Who caresexactly

  • Anonymous

Loyd, 25 Jan 20164 inchers are not good for multimedia and web browzing. So no po... moreNot everyone likes a BIG phone despite everyone enjoys multimedia! I personally would like the 4" screen and if the specs are the same as my 6 at the moment then I would purchase this as the 4" feels better!