Several top Twitter executives are leaving the company

25 January, 2016
Several top executives at Twitter, including global media VP Katie Jacobs Stanton, senior engineering VP Alex Roetter, product VP Kevin Weil, as well as VP of Human Resources Brian Schipper have chosen to leave the company. This was confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey after there were reports suggesting that they've been asked to leave.

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  • MasEnha

Never mind. Twitter won't die on these next 5 years.

  • Akange

It's twitter that cuts job, right? So it's not their fault leaving the company.

  • JT

I find it really strange that someone at an executive level will be as unwise as to announce their leaving. At that level transitions are planned weeks in advance for both the company they are leaving and the company they are joining to. Also companies like Google are so legally aware that they ask employees not to disclose their employment until they either sign the contract or it's their 1st day at office. Furthermore at an executive level communications like these use to go through a Communications or Marketing department's scrutiny before shared.

  • LexLurker

Used to be that, when you resigned from your post, you just grabbed your shit and walk out the door. If the split was amicable, you shook hands with everyone before walking out said door.

Nowadays, before you walk out that door, you post about it on social media so your "friends" can throw a pity party for you.

  • onnuku

hey is twitter employees leaving the company "is this news", who cares, stay or get lost who cares, twitter listen make sure that you dont loose " the twitter users ", this is my tweet.....

Cyberdux, 25 Jan 2016They do say that rats leave a sinking ship... Maybe Twitter is s... moreBetter to quit while you're ahead.

Soon Twitter will be a target to takeover.

They do say that rats leave a sinking ship... Maybe Twitter is slowly dying and they're getting out while they can still get a good payout.

  • Anonymous

wow..jump off all together... whats up??