The Bluboo Xfire 2 comes with a metal body and fingerprint reader for $60

30 January, 2016
The latest addition to the little known OEM's lineup offers impressive value with a dual-SIM variant also available.

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  • Lavaboyz

Hi GSMARENA, Please do allow us to use the comparison check for BLUEBOO's phones.

I'm trying to do a full spec comparison between a BLUEBOO Maya with a Samsung J1Ace.
Please help, hope you can add BLUBOO phones in your categories as well. Thank you.

  • ahwan

harlekkin, 04 Feb 2016So I got my Bluboo Xfire 2 today and here's my super quick ... morethank each one your coment help me to chose or not

  • boroboy

Had my bluboo xfire 2 about 6 months was working great but the screen has now frozen and I'm unable to turn it off or reset as you can't open the phone up to remove the battery. Very frustrating with it being a sealed unit and I have lost the photos as it didn't save to the SD card even though I had chosen this option.
Would not recommend this phone to be honest 😬

  • Daryl aka dbo

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2016I just bought this Xfire 2 and can't seem to read the third... moreIt only has two slots for sim cards the other is a SD memory card I hope this helps...

  • Anonymous

I just bought this Xfire 2 and can't seem to read the third SIM card that I place in the slot where I can either use a SIM card or an SD card.

I have even made sure that the other SIM card slots have SIM card but only the SIM card in the that seem not to be coming.

When I use the SIM card in other slots, it is ok.

When I check under 'Settings' and 'SIM card', it only shows 'SIM Slot 1' and 'SIM Slot 2'.

What can I do?

  • AnonD-546970

I got a bluboo xfire 2 but every time I try and do a fingerprint scan it always says failed... Am I doing something wrong or is it faulty

  • AnonD-527541

I do prefer the Bluboo Xfire 2 than the Bluboo Picasso, UMI Rome X and HOMTOM HT7, which some guys have a comparison on youtube.

  • Anonymous

My bluboo x fire is on its way been reading all the reveiws I ordered mi especially off amazon I need a reliable phone that won't break down after a couple of months so I figured I'll give it a try

  • yelybely

How best to root xfire 2?

  • ye htet

Where you buy in myanmar country?

  • AnonD-89110

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2016instead of value for money what about the quality =badHad one in your hands already?
I can tell you, it has very well build quality, good feel and works as a charme.
Believe me 'cause I'm a heavy user of the Galaxy S6 edge 128GB.

  • AnonD-89110

harlekkin, 04 Feb 2016So I got my Bluboo Xfire 2 today and here's my super quick ... moreI got the phone last thursday out of China.
A week later than stated in the confirmation email when I ordered it in.... Spain.

But I can't agree more with your review.
It's a great phone at this price level and performes very well, battery included.

I rooted the phone, put two simcards and a microsd card in, deleted several pre-installed apps with Titanium Backup and installed quite some extra and root apps on the phone together with Nova Prime launcher (runs very smooth) and multi picture live wallpaper.

Have a look here for the installed apps:
A couple of apps are not listed because they're not available from the PlayStore

The phone still runs smooth, even with the multi picture live wallpaper and all apps ;-)
I can highly recommand the 'A Better Camera' app for taking pictures.
It does a far better job than the pre installed photo app.

I couldn't get a good and fast fix with the GPS for the Runkeeper app.
Not even after installing GPS-fix and a couple of other apps I tried.
Clearing the A-gps data and renew them with the A-GPSs Plus app didn't help either :-(
Therefore I installed the Mobileuncle Tools app (not in the PlayStore)
to change some settings in the phone and installed MT GPS EPO Fix app from the PlayStore.
Now I get a fix within 15 ~ 20 seconds after I start Runkeeper or Google Maps :-)

I did find one more minor point though:
Unfortunately the Light Flow app can't show all my favorite notification led colors (like on my S6 Edge) because the default led on the Xfire2 only supports red and blue.

To everyone who thinks about buying the BluBoo Xfire2 I'd say go for it. And root it ;-)
At this price level you get a whole lot of phone and options for your money!
As long as you don't need 4G LTE and don't want to spend a lot of money on a high end phone I think this is the best buy at the moment.

Now that the phone is rooted and has more options than the standard out-of-the-box phone I'll give it a 8.5 out of 10 in this category.

AnonD-404798, 31 Jan 2016You've got a point there and I'm looking forward to read so... moreSo I got my Bluboo Xfire 2 today and here's my super quick summary and review:


- Great metal body
- Looks very good
- Fingerprint scanner works like a charm
- Screen isn't as sharp as the competition but looks decent
- Processor runs adequately and hardly any lags
- Camera is better than expected
- Comes with WiFi Hotspot functionality
- Very light and feels good in ones hand
- Nano-SIM / microSD card ready with 2 microSIM slots
- Charges quickly and holds charge all day
- FM Radio out of the box

The OKs:

- Sound quality is good but lagging behind Apple & higher end phones
- Speaker is loud but very tinny
- Youtube videos play well but can't adjust the quality through the browser
- Touch screen is responsive but could be more accurate
- 3G onboard, 4G missing, but WIFI is doing a fine job
- Volume buttons are a little flimsy

The bad:

- Doesn't come with head phones (not a huge deal)
- Not many frequency bands supported
- Fingerprint reader is great but not supported by many applications
- Night time shots and camera speed in low-light is bad
- Storage is only 5GB after the OS and expandable media is a problem if using a Nano-SIM


For US$70 including DHL shipping from Shenzhen, this phone exceeded my expectations. Listening to Spotify was pleasant, watching videos on a 5" screen is good and the overall phone features all your Android goodness one could want.
Apps respond well and the overall system speed is very decent.

As a start-up smartphone or secondary device I would highly recommend it. The build quality and handling are very good for a phone of such a price category, and people commented very positively (although the naming is a shame).

Enjoy! I give this phone a 6.5/10.

  • AnonD-248589

techlover1, 31 Jan 2016Haha well in case I wish it like you my friend, but for tha... moreMi4c is only $186.

  • AnonD-495894

What do you expect for less than 75 dollar... a f*cking Lamborghini?

  • anfi

i hate phones with HD display and 2000-2200 mah battery cap!

  • Anonymous

I bought a Chinese phone around January to take it to the field during work it was called xtigi and had a full Metal body 8mp camera that had the quality of 0.3mp don't even g me started on selfies all I ever captured were shadows and the worst part the 10000mah that I could use as a powerbank couldn't last a day. I really will never buy a Chinese brand only mainstream brands like xiaomi and huawei

  • AnonD-436036

this is a bit expensive than my other phone which I got at around 20usd only.

love that flower wallpaper ... ~ looks familiar

  • AnonD-455738

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2016searched the entire web of the source, there is no $59.99 X... moreI ordered from GearBest, it came up wrong when clicking it, but the correct price in the basket and when I paid. After I checked again it was a higher price, so yeah, their site is a bit funky.