VAIO announces Windows 10-powered Phone Biz with 5.5-inch display, 3GB RAM

04 February, 2016
The device is powered by a Snapdragon 617 SoC with octa-core processor, and comes with 3GB RAM and 16GB expandable internal memory.

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  • AnonD-506060
  • 6pe
  • 28 Apr 2016

Jerry101923, 06 Feb 2016Just Win 10? Seems to be a copy of the previous failure of ... moreWrong!!!
It's time to switch to WP
2017 and next years WP will earn more part of store

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    • Robot doktoru
    • SiS
    • 25 Apr 2016

    windos NT designed Cisc architecture a OS and soo so hard. working on Risc architecture.
    i dont think is that fully work exe or msi. so it is can new of the windows mobile or etc.

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      • Jerry101923
      • K@2
      • 06 Feb 2016

      Just Win 10? Seems to be a copy of the previous failure of Nokia...

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        • AnonD-121069
        • M}N
        • 05 Feb 2016

        Anonymous, 04 Feb 2016The Priv runs Android, so it's not a good business phone, b... moreKeep in mind that Priv is Blackberry's first Android device, and it is getting intensive updates, so app crashing and performance issues are solved (I don't have Priv, I just found from user experiences from internet).
        Security issues are fixed in Android 6.0, and Priv will get that upgrade sometime this year (I found somewhere that should be by end of February).
        Also worth to note that BlackBerry has implemented its own security mesures.

        Anyway, I am not saying that Priv is perfect phone, all I am saying that Android is better option than Windows Phone. And if you want high-end security, you would go with BB10 probably (as far as I know it has some government certificates for security).

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          • Robin
          • Bw@
          • 05 Feb 2016

          ''Holy giant bezels Batman!''

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            • Martin
            • KAw
            • 05 Feb 2016

            Copy of Lumia 950 model

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              • D@q
              • 05 Feb 2016

              AnonD-81714, 04 Feb 2016WP is dead! moreVerge is known for biased for apple

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                • AnonD-168700
                • XMF
                • 05 Feb 2016

                Yeah, unfortunately no businessman in his right mind would buy this lowtech, unappealing, overpriced thing.

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                  • b0ne
                  • Smf
                  • 05 Feb 2016

                  Anunununumos!, 04 Feb 2016Its a sony phone. VAIO is a product of´s not, go and read

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                    • AnonD-497179
                    • Quv
                    • 04 Feb 2016

                    Sony sold the VAIO brand back in 2014... you are behind the time

                    I just switched from Windows 10 Mobile to Android (after over 10 years of OS loyalty) and it is because a mid range phone like this cost $200 on the platform, and I can get the same specs on Android at half the cost. e.g. the new Honor 5x which has strikingly similar looks and specs, but a WHOLE lot more to offer.

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                      • Ayuna
                      • gxZ
                      • 04 Feb 2016

                      It was ...

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                        • Vaioman
                        • wMH
                        • 04 Feb 2016

                        try one time for vaio wp10 before dual os?vaio join all laptop wp?why sony can try vaio?A(Yes B)No by vaio wp

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                          • Anunununumos!
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                          • 04 Feb 2016

                          b0ne, 04 Feb 2016this is not a sony phoneIts a sony phone. VAIO is a product of sony.

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                            • Smf
                            • 04 Feb 2016

                            AnonD-470304, 04 Feb 2016Hope a phone like this comes to Europe. Better camera specs... morethis is not a sony phone

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                              • AnonD-496818
                              • awW
                              • 04 Feb 2016

                              One good, second bad, from Sony.
                              Use Microsoft OS as a cue ball. but to say that a complete set of phone with 13MP camera and an additional 5MP for business laugh with tears..:))))

                                AnonD-81714, 04 Feb 2016WP is dead! moreThat site is far to be considered trustworthy... they have some strange grudge against anything MS and a suspicious pro Apple bias.

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                                  • Bomj
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                                  • 04 Feb 2016

                                  AnonD-81714, 04 Feb 2016WP is dead! moreThe Verge is your source for Windows news? LOL

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                                    • AnonD-428442
                                    • TIG
                                    • 04 Feb 2016

                                    Anand, 04 Feb 2016Hi Lilly, Dont go with the internet blogs. Try once any win... moreTypical consumer:
                                    A: Hey, check out this app on my phone.
                                    B: Oh, but I don't have it on my Windows Phone.
                                    A: hahaha

                                    That's it. You can be the best and most efficient OS, doesn't matter when the customer's experience in apps is not on par with his/her friends. He/she will simply get a cheap Android next time (and today, any mid-range Android actually is not bad). Consumers expect a similar app library, but WP cannot deliver that.

                                    And there's one huge giant called Google that decided to not bother with Windows Phone. The app gap will always exist, and Windows Phone will always lose.

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                                      • ExcaliburII
                                      • 9DW
                                      • 04 Feb 2016

                                      Anonymous, 04 Feb 2016Even "dead", it's still a better OS than Android. That was ... morewhy only at the end of the month? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I prefer to use the website.

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                                        • Aadrian
                                        • Yek
                                        • 04 Feb 2016

                                        Very interesting, Sony didn't release Windows powered phones since a long long time. Vaio is a name that has been around in the tech world so why not, maybe they can sell some good phones. I like this one.