Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro shows up on Zauba

04 February, 2016
The listing reveals that the device sports a large 6-inch display, just like the standard Galaxy A9.

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  • James

This is greate

  • Mi5 Indian

If they priced the Galaxy A5 at INR 29,400 ($433) and the Galaxy A7 at INR 33,400 ($492). They would be pricing the A9 even more than that! Shucks!

  • AnonD-496818

With this policy in the field of sales, Samsung it will decrease market share, including profits. You can't make the phones, TVs, iPods,etc, regardless of the quality of their technology for a specific market. We are in the era globalizari, not the primitive commune..:)))
Will asiigur that this time, i had some glasses to my eyes when consulted the book of magic to see what will do the company in the near future, and as a result of what.. saw...tears welled up in my know.....:)))))

  • AnonD-497110

Samsung no longer anything, a good chunk of time than refresh and update. It seems that they do not have a strategic plan for the future and clarity.
This company is able to make high-performance phones

  • AnonD-493662

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2016A9 Pro is using snapdragon 820.can you provide source of your statement?

  • Anonymous

A9 Pro is using snapdragon 820.

  • Anonymous