New update brings Marshmallow goodies to Moto 360 (2nd gen)

08 February, 2016
Motorola has started pushing a new update to its second-generation Moto 360 smartwatch that brings along Android Marshmallow goodies like Doze and new permissions model.

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  • AnonD-183982

what about sony smartwatch 3?

  • roshan

wen vil get marshmallow update forv motog2
plz conform

  • Moto360Sport

I wonder if this update is for the new Moto 360 Sport?

  • AnonD-418895

1st gen?

  • Tiger

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2016How can doze work with watch?Details about Doze are in the link (just turning off background processes)

  • Anonymous

How can doze work with watch?