Android-running Samsung I5801 Galaxy 3 taped on video

12 May, 2010
Partial specs of the next-gen Galaxy leaked a few days back and now we get to enjoy its first appearance on video. Unlike the Galaxy S, which packs top notch features, the I5801 is positioned in a lower...

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  • nani raj
  • YQC
  • 23 Aug 2011

Does skype i.e. video call. work in galaxy3(i5801)?

    • n
    • nani
    • YQC
    • 23 Aug 2011

    Hi ur given that 3g is support in galaxy3(i5801)then why video call does not work...

      • D
      • AnonD-17863
      • utt
      • 15 Aug 2011

      vishu, 07 Feb 2011can i do video call on my cellno you cant

        • v
        • vishu
        • YTd
        • 07 Feb 2011

        can i do video call on my cell

          • A
          • Arivs
          • vGZ
          • 17 Dec 2010

          flashmad, 28 Nov 2010I got one. But no video sound if external jack connected. E... moreI got the same issue. Did u get any fix for that?

            • f
            • flashmad
            • vGN
            • 28 Nov 2010

            I got one. But no video sound if external jack connected. Even in headset volume goes low in videoplayer. Some times volume is high and suddenly goes out.

              • m
              • mike
              • 2@r
              • 16 Nov 2010

              bought this piece of crap a week back...
              they say it has the gps but seems like nobody can get it to work.
              audio quality is ok but the volume level is way too low.
              does not work as smooth as it should even with very less applications loaded.
              sound clarity in the call is very bad.. sometimes cant even understand what the other person is speaking on the other side.
              overall very bad phone... RUN AWAY FROM SAMSUNG .....

                • S
                • Silas Paul
                • s8G
                • 19 Oct 2010

                manu_ald, 08 Oct 2010Iam from India, planning to buy this phone soon, however i ... moreIt has a 3.15 MP cam at backside, which record video at 15 F/S thats bad, but taking photos in good lighting is fun.

                  • A
                  • Abhishek
                  • 2xg
                  • 16 Oct 2010

                  shishir, 09 Oct 2010Very bad mobile don't buy itHi, Just wanted to know why i shudn't go for this mobile, any reason ?? Please let me know because i am planning to purchase this.

                    • s
                    • sheetal
                    • Khh
                    • 15 Oct 2010

                    rohit, 09 Oct 2010best phone in mid range......yes rohit i agree wid u....please now gift me...

                      • r
                      • rohit
                      • veF
                      • 09 Oct 2010

                      best phone in mid range......

                        • s
                        • shishir
                        • utJ
                        • 09 Oct 2010

                        Very bad mobile don't buy it

                          • m
                          • manu_ald
                          • 2SW
                          • 08 Oct 2010

                          Iam from India, planning to buy this phone soon, however i wanted to see a sample video which is taken from this phone's cam, but youtube is full of review, not a single one shows a video taken from the phone itself.

                          I am sure if someone posts it on youtube, he can get thousands of views everyday, else Iam all set to post a video when i get hold of this.

                            • M
                            • MTBINESH
                            • utN
                            • 08 Oct 2010

                            i could not open g talk from gt i 5801

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • utd
                              • 08 Sep 2010

                              is there any option to make gps work faster?

                                • a
                                • anand
                                • utd
                                • 08 Sep 2010

                                rofl @steve jobs, afraid at fall of "THE IPHONE"?!?! XD
                                This phone purely worth every dollar spent in it, unlike other "HEY-I-AM-THE-SUPER-COOL" phones.. :P

                                  • a
                                  • anand
                                  • utd
                                  • 08 Sep 2010

                                  i buyed this galaxy 3 (GT I5801) for 12.2k, and its a very nice mobile. The looks, the speed, the ease of using, the android platofrm, FM radio all are good!! It exactly macthed my requirements, thanks to samsung for bringing such a product.. But i have 1 concern, the gps takes time to lock.. is there anything that can be done, to get the position the gps faster.. except for this i am complete satisfied.. and the SWYPE KEYPAD IS TRULY AWESOME.. one have to use it to understand it.. really hats off to the one whose made this innovation, the swype keypad system..

                                    • E
                                    • Ewan
                                    • n5R
                                    • 12 Aug 2010

                                    Samsung's website states 240 x 400. Also a SEC S5P6422 CPU and a 1500mAh battery.

                                      • c
                                      • core
                                      • Mtr
                                      • 13 Jun 2010

                                      As i said this wasn't galaxy 3 because it uses lower segment of components and all other things compare to galaxy s and for that matter it can't be it's successor. Nameing samsung mobile phones with no logic even if its only a rumor isn't good at all.

                                        • c
                                        • core
                                        • Mtr
                                        • 15 May 2010

                                        Here is the video which isn't private and frome same site.