Motorola starts rolling out Moto G (2nd Gen) Marshmallow update

10 February, 2016
The roll-out comes over a couple of weeks after the company started soak testing the update.

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  • raj
  • 7k7
  • 10 Aug 2017

My mobile is not perfectuse

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    • moto
    • YTY
    • 15 May 2017

    Main uddin, 10 Mar 2017Marshmallow me problem he lollipop tik he mera mobile motog... moreMy mobile is charging low

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      • bb17
      • m5P
      • 21 Apr 2017

      Hi guys. Have been experiencing several issues since downloaded new version by mistake! :-(
      First thing first, Sd card was not recognised, then home icon and overview icon stopped working, also notification drop bar which also was a short cut for vol and etc... setting isn't there. To carry on, I can't screen lock the phone, can not even change to factory setting and ....
      Has anyone recently down loaded system version: 24.201 .5.thea_retgb.retgball.en.GB retgb ?
      I basically lost nearly half of the functions on my phone. I'm not good with this stuff therefore any kind of basic answers would be appreciated.

        • M
        • Main uddin
        • gNT
        • 10 Mar 2017

        Marshmallow me problem he lollipop tik he mera mobile motog 2genaretone

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          • amir
          • KRV
          • 27 Jan 2017

          hi guys, any of you got error while installing marshmallow?.I tried rebooting, clear cache and so on. But, now, it stuck at erasing on and off over and over again.

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            • Saskia
            • nEj
            • 11 Dec 2016

            Anonymous, 04 Jul 2016My notification bar is not working.Also can't get incoming ... moreThe exact same thing has happened to me I stock reset it manually because it wouldn't let me and it was fine for a while then it went back to the same thing again

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • KSt
              • 01 Nov 2016

              sugumar R, 29 Jun 2016Dear Team, After updating android version 6 facing ... moreI am also facing same issue. any update on this? I did factory reset for my phone but no success

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                • Hwy17crzr
                • ku}
                • 21 Oct 2016

                After 6.0 update I can no longer send email from my non-gmail accounts, receives fine, but all out going stuck in outbox.

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                  • vv
                  • KS6
                  • 11 Oct 2016

                  I have been using MM for some time now in Moto G2 but now the speed is super slow and is below acceptable. Do not recommed anyone to update their phone. Trying to do data factory reset now.

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                    • Bala
                    • Xu@
                    • 25 Sep 2016

                    Vara, 17 Aug 2016How to rollback to previous version from marshmallow My m... morePlease update software

                      • V
                      • Vara
                      • f}v
                      • 17 Aug 2016

                      How to rollback to previous version from marshmallow
                      My motog phone is hung and nothing is working fyn
                      Guys plz don't upgrade to marshmallow

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                        • BJP
                        • PAt
                        • 14 Aug 2016

                        After update Android 6.0 Marshmallow my Moto G2 is able to detect simcard so please what can I do

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                          • u1y
                          • 25 Jul 2016

                          Ok guys like many of you I too had my phone lagging issues post Marshmallow update.....Yep the worst update ever especially when it comes from a big company wondering if the developers debuggers testers were sleeping or what while building this update.....anyway coming to point I tried all methods of cache wipe but the problem kept repeating however I observed in clean master it is when the CPU temp goes high the lagging issue comes once I boost it the problem resolves. I drilled down on certain apps that I rarely used and disabled them especially Google Play store, Google Video, Google Newsstand, Google Books, I did also increased the sync period of my official mail ID and bang am facing no more issues and it's working just like before. Now I don't know which thing made it work but if u want a respite from a horrible lag I believe my formula could be of some help.

                          PS it's just an Idea ain't sure if it may work for all or not but good luck though. Do post a reply if it works. :-) cheers

                            • N
                            • Nagesh
                            • Hkt
                            • 17 Jul 2016

                            Moto G2 with 1GB Ram and MM will dead your working phone..Hangs on and on..Avoid MM updates..RIP my Moto G2

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                              • Anonymous
                              • X%1
                              • 04 Jul 2016

                              My notification bar is not working.Also can't get incoming calls!! It's a major software problem.I rebooted it many times.But nothing happened.I updated to Marshmallow about two months ago.Not happy with it.

                                • s
                                • sugumar R
                                • rx7
                                • 29 Jun 2016

                                Dear Team,

                                After updating android version 6 facing problem sim not detecting only one slot working first slot not at all working some times its working after 10 minutes its not showing ,totally sim slot disable always . how to resolve the issue please let me know..,

                                  • P
                                  • Piyush
                                  • KAa
                                  • 16 Jun 2016

                                  After updating to MM, its hell working on moto g2. Its worst update.

                                    • B
                                    • Bharat
                                    • 7tT
                                    • 09 Jun 2016

                                    vizzz, 30 Mar 2016my phone was burned Burnt ? Really?

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                                      • Bharat
                                      • 7tT
                                      • 09 Jun 2016

                                      vizzz, 30 Mar 2016my phone was burned R. I. P. Moto G 2

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-544415
                                        • MtF
                                        • 02 Jun 2016

                                        Hi all, I've been holding out on updating the software (more than two months now) because of horror stories I've read with the latest Marshmallow. I'm located in the Netherlands and everything I've read so far screams don't do it. Anyone from my neck of the woods who has experience with the Marshmallow update on the 2nd Gen Moto G? Thanks