0.facebook.com launched, cuts on data charges and loads faster

19 May, 2010
Facebook, together with over 50 mobile operators in 45 countries around the globe, have just launched the new website 0.facebook.com. It brings all the key features of Facebook to mobile phones, loads fast...

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  • sue lamb
  • nE4
  • 15 Nov 2010

i have done my 'confirmed' confirmation code three times and it says I am putting the wrong code in, ???? I got it on registration so why is it WRONG?

    • b
    • birkin_33_88@hotmail
    • SiQ
    • 13 Oct 2010

    tony , 28 May 2010thankfully .... digicel trinidad is also doing this ... elveda33

      • L
      • Laxman lamichhane
      • m27
      • 09 Jun 2010

      Now a days i am here in dubai,i can access 0 facebook with out any data charge but i can't send message,wall post and add comment properly though du so may i know why it is happen?Is this thing blocked by du?

        • A
        • AWWIEE
        • nCi
        • 28 May 2010

        m a student here in dubai, n here 0.facebook iz jst now got free of charges...
        here most of d places r available with wlan 4 free from government..
        but still....d free service frm du communications iz gr8....thnx fb,,thnx du :)

          • t
          • tony
          • LKp
          • 28 May 2010

          thankfully .... digicel trinidad is also doing this ...

            • J
            • Justine
            • t7J
            • 27 May 2010

            I tried to use it on globe philippines, but it didn't work .. darn it ! hahaha .. Good thing I have Sun Cellular and smart Simcard hahaa .. I can go to facebook without any charges haha lol

              • k
              • kshitij
              • U2c
              • 26 May 2010

              I use reliance CDMA in india.
              when i try to access 0.facebook.com I get msg saying this service is not supported on your service provider....

                • n
                • nea
                • MVg
                • 25 May 2010

                hi guys... does anyone know if there is anyting like this available in the UK? or in Ireland? thanks

                  • g
                  • griffin
                  • tA$
                  • 23 May 2010

                  leen, 20 May 2010it doesnt work with my 3 operator from indonesia..you must using wap browser, for opera, ect can't work

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • tWi
                    • 22 May 2010

                    it does say that it is a free access on the page. loads fast. btw, i am using Sun Cellular here in the Philippines.

                      • R
                      • Rai
                      • tWi
                      • 22 May 2010

                      Micio, 19 May 2010I do have a Sun Cellular line and tried accessing the site ... moreI am using Sun too but not experiencing any problem. Loads really fast!

                        • n
                        • nicks
                        • s8H
                        • 22 May 2010

                        in india now a days we have pretty good data plans which offers unlimited or very huge amount (2gb)(though it is not much for pc but more than enough for a month to use on mobile)only for 100 bucks so i don't think there's a need of new site consuming less data n its a complete wastage of time instead facebook should concentrate on spam s or sumthing

                          • M
                          • Malith
                          • PWD
                          • 22 May 2010

                          It doesn't load images in my network,but really good for messeging!

                            • m
                            • mz
                            • Trm
                            • 21 May 2010

                            most of the things writen over here are not applicable in uae the 'du' network providers have no such thing as 0.facebook for free they have some kind of sms on facebook or something over here... so uae people dont get your hopes up soo soon.... i guess its as usual a marketing thing by duu.....

                              • C
                              • Corleone
                              • SgW
                              • 21 May 2010

                              mordath, 21 May 2010gotta love that KEN LEE!!! hahha LMFAO ^_^Hahahahaha , Ken Lee was awesome tv :p I laughed so hard back then :p

                                • A
                                • AbNOYNOY
                                • t7X
                                • 21 May 2010

                                This is great. It will be easy to connect with the zomb... Err pinoys who helped me last elections.

                                  • n
                                  • nicejuan
                                  • Rxj
                                  • 21 May 2010

                                  mordath, 20 May 2010hey guys in the phils.. should we use the opera or the nati... moregot a service msg last May 12 from Smart. i guess (afaik) d site is accessible for free here in the Philippines (of course not counting d use of unli free browsing via ha**ed mobile browsers) dat day only as d msg said:
                                  "FREE Facebook on ur mobile? Pwede! With Facebook Zero on Smart Buddy! Jz go to http://0.facebook.com on ur fone. On limited marketTest til 05/12/10. Try mo na!"
                                  tried it then, it worked =) un nga lang, as d press release says, no images..

                                    • m
                                    • mordath
                                    • 9Lb
                                    • 21 May 2010

                                    BG, 20 May 2010Im from Bulgaria,and using mtel. Everything is great about ... moregotta love that KEN LEE!!! hahha LMFAO ^_^

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • vj1
                                      • 21 May 2010

                                      MiseryKid, 20 May 2010working only in philippines.we are using modified opera min... morefree browsing in the philippines s so slow even in 3g coverage the HSPA speed Max out at 45Kbps against the Promised 3Mbps speed of the Networks..

                                        • B
                                        • BG
                                        • nsL
                                        • 20 May 2010

                                        Im from Bulgaria,and using mtel. Everything is great about the new free version of facebook, except i cant send messages or check my inbox...i guesds the operator had banned this function,because it show a system error from the operator. Everything else is just great...and prety fast!