Our full MWC 2016 coverage all in one place

20 February, 2016
The ultimate Mobile Wolrd Congress 2016 coverage and overview report.

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  • nikolica

thank you for making this summry,you are the best

  • AnonD-507897

Thank you SO MUCH for this summary !
Perfect !!
This website is the absolute best.

  • Anonymous

I prefer my note5... its better than S7 anyway

  • ramesh

samsung galaxy s7 not well desine

  • YowYow

guys, MWC only pick phones they wanna review, not all the brand new manufactured phones, ayt? :D

  • govind

where is lenovo lemon 3

  • Succeser

where General Mobile GM 5 +

  • Nick

Wat abt Redmi Note 3

  • AnonD-505962

archos ???

  • q8

where is hp?

  • AnonD-473827

for mi5

  • AnonD-505631

Microsoft?? Panos (Surface) Phone has to be revealed in MWC 2016..

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarius, 22 Feb 2016Look what we have in here. Samsung have cooked some interes... more*has

  • Sagittarius

Look what we have in here. Samsung have cooked some interesting things for us.

  • SimSim

Where is Microsoft?

  • AnonD-215627

I agree with u because there presentation was so boring and the phone isn"t that awesome and it actually looks so boring

  • AnonD-375375

ZTE Live stream option ?

  • AnonD-494304

Love the event on GSMARENA the way they have put it.

  • bettercallsaul

lg presentation sucks.

  • Anonymous

I appreciate the effort, the most comprehensive event schedule on the web. Thank you.