Alcatel unveils new IDOL 4 and IDOL 4S at MWC 2016

20 February, 2016
The premium pair of handsets is a clear upgrade over last year's IDOL 3 line.

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  • Kenji
  • sr8
  • 03 Aug 2016

This idol4 have include vr or no?

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    • AnonD-510223
    • 0IL
    • 28 Mar 2016

    I have an Alcatel IDO 3 and I'm in love with that phone . But now idol 4 made me think to sell my idol 3 and buy a new idol 4 . that 3.6 watt speakers will definitely put HTC in trouble .

      • y
      • yuvanmadhu
      • FYk
      • 11 Mar 2016

      idol 4s is a best mobile of the year

        • i
        • idolfan
        • 0T3
        • 26 Feb 2016

        Big bravo for alcatel,once again!i'm a proud owner of idol 3,and looking forward to have idol 4!For me it's better than s6,and iphone 6:)

          Anonymous, 21 Feb 2016It's beautiful, but it's running the least efficient mobile... moreAnd that's relevant to my comment how?

            • A
            • A.Sahgal
            • rfM
            • 23 Feb 2016

            The JBL Audio is the selling point for me.

              • P
              • Pandy
              • YTY
              • 21 Feb 2016

              When do it get releasing

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • pXf
                • 21 Feb 2016

                Spudly Mcgudly, 21 Feb 2016Why does any news on a new phone have to turn into an Andro... moreI don't have anything against android. I like google! Current version of android OS is just not for me. I hope in the future they streamline the code, remove unnecessary bloatware, change android UI to simple and beautiful. The current version of android OS is just not for mobile use as it is hardware resources hungry, security hole, and UI is just bloated. I like simplicity in hardware and software.

                  • G
                  • Gideon
                  • 3Kf
                  • 21 Feb 2016

                  The only thing I'm missing on the 4S is a fingerprint reader and hardware buttons instead of on screen buttons.

                    • D
                    • AnonD-491921
                    • utf
                    • 21 Feb 2016

                    Anonymous, 20 Feb 2016Didn't the nexus 6P have a bunch of problems when it releas... moreI have a galalxy s6 128gb version.its pretty good.Battery life is bad.But i have 16000 mah battery pack from Xiaomi.And i use it for Gaming,music and Virtual reality.So no phone is gonna last a day in my hands anyway

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • nEY
                      • 21 Feb 2016

                      well done... pitty for the small battery on the 5.5".

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                        • AnonD-33529
                        • pL%
                        • 21 Feb 2016

                        Well done Alcatel - loved the unique features of the Idol 3 and now you have upped your game with the idol 4 and idol 4s - looks impressive, loving the specs (especially the 4s). The front facing 3.6w dual speakers and amoled screen really grab my attention and to know it's in the 'mid-range' makes it even sweeter. Maybe the other leading manufacturers should take note

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • nD{
                          • 21 Feb 2016

                          Spudly Mcgudly, 21 Feb 2016Why does any news on a new phone have to turn into an Andro... moreIt's beautiful, but it's running the least efficient mobile OS out there. It's like releasing a really nice car. With a steam engine.

                            The back of the 4S looks exactly like a Galaxy A9.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Nv2
                              • 21 Feb 2016

                              The back looks like the Galaxy S6 and the power button like an Xperia phone...very original guys.

                                This is real awesome, so when are you coming to india with these phones, wud grab on launch for sure...

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NwE
                                  • 21 Feb 2016

                                  Really stunning! + the JBL earphones, its f** crazy deal! Thumbs up TCL! I love China!

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 61k
                                    • 21 Feb 2016

                                    knowing alcatel
                                    it'll be at least $300 and $500 price tag

                                      These are some sweet phones!

                                        Alcatel, come and take my money please, i need one of those phones.