Huawei MediaPad T2 Pro 10.0 tablet spotted before official announcement

21 February, 2016
The tablet is a solid upgrade over last year's T1 tablet.

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  • Anonymous

Absolutely true, Anonymous, last years tablets are aweful (in cpu and android version), or an ipad pro and priced like one. The Samsung Tab S2 is quite okey, but lacks custom rom support (forever, because of exynos) and is still on android 5.1..

  • Anonymous

Shield tablet maybe?
The next one might be interesting.

Also the performance needs of tablets are not so much greater than that of phones.
The resolution did not change much the past years and decent phone SoC have plenty of power for that.

I would like to see a SoC with the performance of SD 801 with all the new efficiency put in to energy saving.

A less power hungry screen would be a hell of an improvement as well.
That stuff still takes too much power.

  • Anonymous

And then they wonder why Windows Tablets are on the rise. I kid you not, I haven't seen *one* high end (in Specs) Android tablet since 2013 (I think Note 2014 was the last one).

Everybody else either use godawful SoCs or last year's flagships, and without an exception they all use pitifully little RAM, despite a tablet's needs of ram being bigger than phones'.

Even Xperia Z4 tablet which supposed to be a flagship tablet. It employed the godawful Snapdragon 810 which is the worse flagship SoC to date, and 3GB which is very little for a tablet.

As for this tablet I'm not even going to refer to this. If it was a phone I may had called it a mid-ranger, but as tablet (more performance needs) it's a low-end through and through.

Android tablets die because OEMs have abandoned them, not the other way around. Of course the customer won't buy this PoS.

Give me a *flagship* tablet, with smooth performance, top battery, relatively good cameras, multiwindow and pen support and see people forget Windows tablets in one day. Android is *that* much better for touch enabled computing with the right specs... Damn...