Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Euro pricing: off and on contract

22 February, 2016
€700 and €800 is the starting point for the S7 and S7 edge respectively. Some pre-orders get you a free VR headset too!

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  • jau

what about andorra?

  • Pawel

Will the S7 edge Injustice version be available in any EU countries?

  • cj

Yes you can turn off the always on display option

  • Droneman

smee, 23 Feb 2016anyone know if we can turn off the "always on" display? i f... moreyes you can

  • Anonymous

Sam, 22 Feb 2016Apple laid the foundation of Ripping off. majorly, the only true statement on this thread.
Hardly suprising tho, is it, all the holidays from every rival pr team members are cancelled , when the biggest player in the phone industry unleashes their bombs apon them. Most of the time samsung threads are the home of proffessional public oppinion stearers, but at this time of the year they're sweating out from the walls.
Wait. What. You expect apple firstly, then sony and all china and lg , to tell all their pr boys to leave samsung threads alone for a few weeks, ya kno, let get a lil momentum built up for sales. NO.
Every good pr teams job is to overwhelm samsung threads with negativity..STOP THEM SELLING.
Are the prices higher than I want, Yes.
Is every major phone too dear. Yes
Did apple start this. Yes.
Did the media rip them apart. No.
Should they have. Obviously so.
Why didn't they. Graaaaaaaaavy

  • smee

anyone know if we can turn off the "always on" display? i find that quite unnecessary.

  • Jonas

If you are not in a hurry, wait 2 to 3 months max till it drops to 500. Then it's a good deal. That is, if no serious problems are meanwhile detected.

  • Aadrian

So expensive for a piece of rubbish with no new innovations. Always on display? My Nokia N8 already had it 6 years ago and now LG and Samsung are coming with it? Pathetic.

  • AnonD-506180

Who would lend money on it?..:))

  • madTuRk

In Turkey on Turkcell it costs € 689,95 or 24 x €35 installments

  • AnonD-292154

Mantas, 22 Feb 2016Buying from Samsung directly or other vendors? I might pre-... more Note 6 will be released in Europe this year right from the beginning. Gsmarena said that a few weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

These are hypothetical prices, will fall after release, VR is to basic and one gets fed up within minutes. I will sit and wait till it comes down to 500$ by 3rd qtr. Heavens is not going to fall by that time. What's the unrest for. This month manufactured 2016 I bought S6 edge for 450$, huge bonus. No handicapped, so be it.

  • Mantas

Gediminas, 22 Feb 2016Lithuania Samsung Galaxy S7 - 719 Eur and S7 edge 819 Euro ... moreBuying from Samsung directly or other vendors? I might pre-order with T2 they offer Gear VR too. Or just wait for Note 6 that won't be released at Europe like Note 5 :D

  • AnonD-505926

Greece -all major chains: S7 EUR 720 and the S7 Edge EUR 820, including the VR set and up to 36 interest-free installments in most chains.

  • Anonymous

Belgium has prices at 699 and 799 including VR and 3 day early delivery if you preorder.

BASE on contract: 29€ upfront fee and 24 times 42.91€ (including contract) for S7 and 24 times 47.08€ for s7 edge. (0% intrest rate payments with 15€ contract).

25€ contract gives a reduction of 150€.

  • Polish

Fair price for perfect phone.

  • Gediminas

Lithuania Samsung Galaxy S7 - 719 Eur and S7 edge 819 Euro preorder and get Gear VR free. The phone will be delivered until March 11

  • Greg

This year Samsung phones are really overpriced. There is no such difference between S6 and S7 but the price...
Instate of wining a less money they decided to sell less devices on higher price. If price was a bit down, would buy it straight away.
In my case they will win 0.00 euro because I will not pay again 830 euro for changing my S6 with S7. it's absolutely ripping off!

  • Anonymous

Crazy prices.

  • Giorginho

You've got your Germany's contract pricing all wrong! It's actually a down-payment of 39,95 and 139,95 Euro respectively and the 2-year-contract costs in both cases 62,95 for the first 12 months and 69,95 for the next 12 months. If T-mobile Germany actually asked only for 39,95 a month on launch I'd jump right in. But they are currently asking 39,95 for the S6!