Google to create RCS client for Android, enhanced SMS for all carriers

23 February, 2016
Carriers are looking at options that might finally replace standard SMS messaging with Google’s involvement. Google is going to create a new standard messaging app to take advantage of RCS messaging across carriers between Android devices on worldwide carriers.

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  • Anonymous

stobs, 24 Feb 2016also called MMS ?but for mms we need data connection ..?

  • stobs

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2016so... like what Apple has with the current iMessages & ... morelike Telegram

  • stobs

also called MMS ?

  • Mir

bug, 23 Feb 2016Yeah, sure, so the carriers can charge again for each messa... morecorrect.

Thanks but no Thanks.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5197, 23 Feb 2016My damned greedy service provider charges for MMS... too.
Incidentally thats why I liked samsungs chaton app, everything and all free but, with facebook and apple and google wanting the millions of samsung users to thier credit, all the media and threads were filled with mindless negativity.
At its best those who did not need it silently ignored it and ,at its worst, countless , bordering on the vulgar, almost identically choreographed in content one line posts filled every meaningfull portal, achieving the desired single intent of destroying its public credible perception. People pretending that their phone of choices usability depended on the miserly megabytes the app encompassed.
Nothings really private, true, but for people not wanting the public interference to your emails every two minutes, and open poo stiring of the dominating social media player,
that app gave instant private(In the terms indicated only.) total communication between family, or close friends, or friends at work ,or any mixture of any, simply and without it going public.
What more to want, video calling, calls text, pictures , video, location ,files all baked in, to millions of users , available across platforms.
The cheek of imessage not suffering the same internet wide blancket of abuse beggars belief, however apple would not only have not stood for it and taken control, they would have traced it to its sources, and no one wants to loose them as a customer or, face them in court.
Its amazing how similar things keep getting crushed only to be reinvented, the only major difference being who now holds the purse strings, giving, one could allow, the identity of the crushers.
Personally I don't want,
Hangouts etc-google
Farcebook-aliens ?
Tango- now just intrusive

Just a nice, private to your own phone maufacturer ( not really necessary at govm level.. ie nothing to hide.) comunication app, with cross platform availability would do me.

  • bug

Yeah, sure, so the carriers can charge again for each message like they did with SMSes. No thanks, I'll stick the myriad of options already available.

  • AnonD-5197

My damned greedy service provider charges for MMS... ffs.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-174614, 23 Feb 2016should be a cross platform message service app now that wil... moreso... like what Apple has with the current iMessages & handoff stuff?

  • AnonD-174614

should be a cross platform message service app now that will be accessible from not only mobiles but tablets consoles and desktops, i myself like many others dont just have one device but many and find it to be be a pain in the neck having to have them all online and being used at the same time so i can chat with other friends that either have a diff type of device or the os does not support the mess app they have on that device... about time the manufacturers start to make this happen, they seem to think it will hurt sales lol what a load of bollx most people choose a device for many many diff reasons the fact that one single app does not work on every device has no baring at all... give your buyers some credit and stop limiting the device capabilities..

  • Anonymous