DisplayMate: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have 'Best Performing Displays'

24 February, 2016
The S7 generation of Super AMOLED offers higher max brightness than the S6-gen displays, power-efficient Always On mode.

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  • AnonD-606070

Gibby, 24 Feb 2016Quite amusing reading the 'burn in' scare mongering of thos... moreI definitely have screen burn in on my s7 edge. So please don't say it isn't possible.

  • AnonD-556595

So, my GS7 Edge is not quite four months old, and has pretty lousy screen burn, bad enough that Verizon is replacing it. But my concern is that it's not a lemon, but just the way it is and I'll have the same problem with the new one. Has no one with this phone had a screen burn problem? And without wading into the pissing match about what screen is best :-), does anyone have suggestions to try and prevent it? Especially sucks if you're using the phone much for VR. Thanks!

  • John

You LCD zealots are cute. It's like watching someone hanging from a cliff, grabbing anything in sight. "OH but uh uh uh uhhh, those tests aren't scientific and stuff LCDz RULEEEE hurr."

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-146024, 24 Feb 2016You sound funny. I'm telling you that I have S6 Edge, it h... moreIts just you. You've been saying this for months, literally.

  • AnonD-506194

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2016No I haven't, but you can say this about most comments here... moreif you haven't seen the panel then shut up..AMOLED has come a long way...I can honestly it became my favourite display type with the Note 4 and Samsung has improved it more and more ever since.I have no doubt that the S6 and edge panels are even better..whats more is Samsung always shows new display tech with the Notes so expect an even better display with the Note 6

This is a given.

  • Anonymous

Samsung's 2015 and 2016 OLED panels are simply stunning.

  • Anonymous

the best rel world usage is a nokia/micorosft with clear black tech.. those screens work well in any lighting, and are adjustable in colour to suit your preferances.
and im no fanboy, the rest of the phone needs work (apart from the mic's which are still class leading 140db, and the pureview cameras arent bad either).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2016No I haven't, but you can say this about most comments here... moreSo in other words you have no idea of what you speak. Please do us a favor and stop...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-506194, 24 Feb 2016right..because you have seen the S7 displays in person right?No I haven't, but you can say this about most comments here anyways. this problem is present since the galaxy S2 or even earlier ( I had an S2) and still evn in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, those are years apart. what makes you think they now magically have fixed it? i highly doubt it. the tab S2 suffers all the amoled typical problems i mentioned in my comment. and the device is from 2015. while the s2 is 2011.... 4 years no change.

  • AnonD-204927

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2016What's way worse than that is the ugly color shift and the ... moreMany phones have 2 nits minimum brightness, Nexus 5x is even less (1 - 1.5 nits).

Samsung is still using PenTile matrix, not RGB.

DisplayMate is paid by manufacturers to test their panels BTW, that's their job. I wouldn't put too much stock into their "best of" since they only test a few panels a year.

  • Gibby

Quite amusing reading the 'burn in' scare mongering of those desperate to put down AMOLED. Utter garbage.
If the S7 actually is 24% brighter than the S6 I will be impressed. The S6's screen seemed ridiculously bright at it's fullest setting.
I'm liking the low level brightness too. I have to use Good Sleep app on my old school Note2 to avoid eye strain in the evenings.
Oh & btw - it too is 4 years old now - zero 'burn in'. (Deary me!)

  • techmad

Well done Samsung! Looking forward to reviews for these and G5 eagerly

  • AnonD-246723

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2016They don't need to test every flagship....They need to .

  • Anonymous

"Automatic brightness is now intelligent - it learns what brightness levels you like in the different lighting conditions and matches your preferences automatically."

Finally. Samsung brightness adjustments always sucked. Is this coming to the S6? It should!!!

  • Anonymous

Samsung only competes with itself in display lol.

S7 > Note 5>S6> Note4 LOL.... Very good for Samsung, why are people surprised? And the burn in shouters, My 4 year old Note 2 has no burn in. Store display models might have burn in from being one 24/7 for months to years. No user leaves there phone screen on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So please let it rest.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2016I'm sure S7 series has nice display but these tests from 'D... moreThey don't need to test every flagship....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-146024, 24 Feb 2016You sound funny. I'm telling you that I have S6 Edge, it h... moreYou don't own a Samsung phone. So please stop....
Non of my amoled phones have burn in.

  • AnonD-146024

No Fan Boy...!, 24 Feb 2016You seems to be an Apple Fanboy...! My dad has S6 , i curr... moreYou sound funny. I'm telling you that I have S6 Edge, it has screen burn issue like almost all of them and you are calling me Apple Fanboy. Lol.

I agree Samsung is pioneer in Amoled screens and S6 and Note 4/5 show no signs of burn in but S6 was only 2nd of it's kind with a flexible Amoled, first being Note Edge. Unfortunately, S6 Edge's screen suffers badly from screen burn in. You can go and check some demo S6 Edge phones in stores.

It is shamefull that Samsung deny any repair to my and many other phones calling it a sign of usage. Still, they launch similar phone S7 Edge and you never know will the life spam of flexible Amoled will be any better.

  • Anonymous

7, 24 Feb 2016Best display blah blah blah..... in the end, still full of ... morebloatware, freeze, hangs blah blah blah in the end it will be nominated as the smartphone of the year beating others