Chart Topper: The Gionee Marathon M5 battery life test is in

28 February, 2016
Gionee Marathon M5 battery life test results are in!

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  • Divanuella

Why does the phone go off occasionally? What could be the problem?

  • fortunate

the m5 is good battery lasting and other awesome features like tv remote fast in response multitorch even wet hand doesn't matter when operating,brightness is very OK the graphics ui is is OK.

  • AnonD-632062


  • Caleb

Does Not Last Gionee M5 Battery Is Like 4000 is fake

  • AnonD-660542

the phone really make senses...but the only thing is that no OTA upgrade on the 5.1 lollipop... boring while other phone runs on marshmallow..pls kindly help with the upgrade...thank you

  • Gionees kids

sapna, 09 Jun 2016I was ready to buy m5 but unfortunately my dad got report from t... moreWell technically yes it does but the consequences of that is because of too many applications running on its system.

  • Gionees kids

Love it 😊 seriously ask me which phone I will have its definitely this one.

  • Rishikesh kumar

Nice phone

  • preet mishra

my email gionee is a brand that given me best satisfication battery was very nice l am using p6 now but l want to experince new range of gionee mobiles Thanks a lot

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2016No way. Even with quick charge3.0 you can't fill it up in 2hrs. ... moreQuick charge 2.0/3.0 technology is from Qualcomm and is different from mediatek pump express plus which is the fast charging technology used in the Gionee m5, with this technology 3000mah batteries can be charged from 0% to 75% in 30 mins and 0% to 100% in just a charge of one hour, so that's why the 6000mah of Gionee m5 takes just 2hrs to charge from 0% to 100%

  • Slimlarex

My how can I repair my phone screen marathon m5

  • sapna

I was ready to buy m5 but unfortunately my dad got report from the kharagpur shop(jain mobile), that the customer was not happy after buying that set because they all are annoyed because of excessive hitting problem of m5. And also he added that company took no care of this problem, They are telling that's a normal temperature, Every Android mobile has this temperature. Please give some advice= is that true????

  • maddy

this phone is very beautiful and specfications and features are very nice and amazing phone

  • AnonD-259899

AnonD-442158, 05 May 2016nah, he's goodlol

  • AnonD-442158

AnonD-259899, 24 Mar 2016more than anything else your butchery of the English language is epicnah, he's good

  • Richard

Gionee M5 2G & 3G browsing settings. Are they automatically generated?

  • Deloux

Waooo.......! this phone is wonderful and amazing. How much does it go for t cos i need to get one as soon as possiblle.

  • AnonD-259899

Jignesh, 03 Mar 2016Gionee mobail survis sentar veriy BAD. Staf veriy bad mens... moremore than anything else your butchery of the English language is epic

  • Jignesh

Gionee mobail survis sentar veriy BAD. Staf veriy bad mens and mobail ripers time 1-2 months

  • AnonD-242856

I can tell you this phone has quick charging. I use this phone. It charges up from 0-100 in less than 2hrs That is very impressive for a 6000mAh battery